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White Aluminum FenceFences come in all different designs and colors, and one current trend is choosing options that complement the surrounding area and town.

There are different reasons to choose specific design elements for your home’s outdoor spaces. Different colors, finishes and sizes of fence each tell a different story. Your corner of the world may always have sunshine and flowers blooming, or perhaps you live up north, where it is constantly snowing. Your fence can stand out or blend in, depending on the color and style you choose. There are plenty of things to think about when deciding how to design your own great outdoors.

Light versus dark

The light-versus-dark design element can be compared to the idea of the north and south being opposites: one has long, dark winters and one is constantly warm and sunny. Of course, the difference between the north and the south is not so stark or clearly defined; it is more just the idea of the two different ends of the spectrum.

With light versus dark and north versus south, there is no single route you must follow, but certain looks will meld into the surroundings more easily than others. Of course, if you live in a wooded area surrounded by log cabins and you choose to have a modern home full of glass windows, metal surfaces and sharp lines, you are hoping to stand out more than fit in!

It is important to remember to choose something that you want to live with every season. If you know that once summer comes, you will be replanting your whole yard with brightly colored flowers to lighten up the property, stick with a light cream or white aluminum fence. If you want a more elegant and modern-looking fence that is sleek and stylish year after year, a black aluminum fence might be a better choice.

Sticking out for all the right reasons

A lot of your outdoor design elements can be based on the flowers and plants you have in your yard. Simple color palettes with only one or two main colors, or more neutral colors such as white and pale yellow, are some basic paths people take when designing their yards. If you lean more toward this natural look, choosing a fence that blends in with it is ideal. A white aluminum fence or a more rustic bronze one can complement this type of landscape and home.

On the other hand, if your home is dark and you have light-colored flowers to make a purposeful contrast, a dark fence such as a black aluminum fence might work better. This enables the flowers to keep that contrast with the tall fence and exterior of the home, allowing the plant life to be the main focus of attention.

Your design really comes down to what you want people to notice when they first see your property. If you want to be different from the rest of the neighbors and they all have neutral or natural palettes, go with something bold or even dark to stand out! If you are hoping to stand out for being perfectly matched, be sure that you are happy with the color you choose to paint your house and fence. Go bold, go natural or go complementary. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to show off your personality.