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Bronze Semi Glass GateSecurity is at the front of your mind when it comes to entry points to your property. Take advantage of some great added features to keep your entry gates secure.

Any gated area on your property gives a clue to outsiders that the property is private and you must be an invited or expected guest to enter. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the rules. There are some great ways you can keep your fence, entry gate and driveway gate safe and secure from intruders and other unwelcome guests.

Lock it up

The first and main way to keep an area secure is with a lock. Even though you likely already knew that, it is important to mention the different grades of locks that are available for your aluminum driveway gate and entryway so that you can be sure you are getting the right one for your property.

When it comes to locks, you have different options when it comes to how you enter a property. There are electronic locks that can be used with driveway gates where you only need to push a button to open the gate itself. Another popular electronic option is a keypad locking mechanism. With this approach, you must know a code to input in order for the door or gate to open. There are also different sizes and grades of locks to be used both internally and externally to allow you to lock the gate from the inside and from the outside upon exiting the property.

Mesh and privacy panels

Another way to keep your vulnerable entry points secure is to use different options for the actual fence panels. You can add expanded metal aluminum mesh to the area between the pickets on the driveway or entry gates. This prohibits anyone from reaching their hands through to any latches or locks. This type of mesh is not unsightly, and it easily blends in with the rest of the fence, even if the mesh is only used around the entry points.

Privacy panels are another great option, especially if you are looking for more privacy at the entryways. Privacy panels do affect your vantage point when entering and exiting the property so they aren’t the best option for everyone or for your entire fence, but the option is there to help stop any prying eyes.

Emergency push bar

Also known as a panic bar, a push bar is usually placed on the interior of a gate and is easily pushed to exit the property. This works even if the door is locked from the other side to allow those inside to exit safely and swiftly in case of an emergency. You may have seen these types of panic bars inside large buildings on emergency exits. In buildings, they usually have some sort of audible alarm that activates when pushed.

While an emergency push bar or privacy panels might not be necessary for every property’s entryway or aluminum driveway gate, it is still helpful to know that there are options. Some of these may even be added after installation if you discover that you would benefit from the added security. Life is ever-changing, and your fence and gates can keep up with any safety and security measures you need to put in place.