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DIY Aluminum Fence Installation
DIY Aluminum Fence Installation

There are some great tips out there to help when you’re installing a new aluminum fence, but there are some things you definitely want to avoid!

When starting any big project, first you need to do a bit of planning. After all, if you miss some important steps at the beginning, it could spell disaster when you reach the finished product. That’s why knowing some common mistakes can help your project run smoothly.

Installing any fence can come with some challenges. Metal fencing panels are one of the easier fences to install yourself, with aluminum panels being one of the most popular. Aluminum fence panels last a long time, need minimal upkeep, and can stand up to any weather conditions. The challenges of installation have nothing to do with the aluminum material itself. Instead, they arise when you don’t do enough planning and preparation before embarking on installing the fence.

Don’t forget to get permission

Anyone who has had a fence on or next to their property can tell you that property lines are nothing to mess around with. It is so incredibly important to know exactly where your property begins and the neighbor’s begins. On top of that, some municipalities and homeowner’s associations have specific rules about how close a fence can be to the property line. It is polite and respectful to also speak with your neighbor about your plans to erect a new fence.

Don’t make presumptions about the posts

Metal fencing panels mean you will have metal fencing posts to install first and foremost. Don’t assume this will be a similar process to your last fence project because different materials and different soil types can really change a project. Do some research into the size and method of the holes you must prepare for the metal posts so you are fully ready once the materials arrive.

Don’t skimp on latches, hinges and locks

There are times you should try to save a buck or two, and there are times you really shouldn’t. When it comes to fence latches, hinges and locks, it is not a time to choose the budget option! What you purchase is completely up to you, but it is worth giving a second thought to what degree of quality you buy. Depending on where your gates and entryways are and how much traffic goes through them, the hinges and latches might be used quite a lot each day. Getting a higher quality for these parts can mean longer-lasting safety and security for your yard.

Don’t be too proud to ask for help

There is absolutely no good reason not to ask a fencing professional any question you might have when preparing to install a new fence. The company from which you purchase your metal fencing panels will be able to help you with any question, big or small. Moreover, when it comes to the actual installation, it can be quite a big job! If it is your first time or your fence job is going to be a bit more than you can handle, ask someone to help you with the DIY project to ensure it gets done perfectly the first time.

Again, it all comes down to planning and preparing. This doesn’t mean just deciding that you want a fence and ordering the parts; it means asking the right people about the placement of your fence, getting the right tools and parts, and getting any help you need to make your installation a piece of cake.