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Flat Top Flush Bottom Angled Aluminum FenceIt might be at the bottom of your list, but protecting your fence and gate when taking on any home improvement project is definitely something to consider.

Home and yard renovations are exciting. It means there are thrilling new things happening to your greatest possession, your home. Whether you are installing a new pool, putting an addition on your home, or getting a new kitchen, all of your planning, thoughts and money are likely going toward this large project. One thing you need to really think about during your planning phase is how you will protect the rest of your home, yard and fence during these renovations.

Protecting the main part of your house will depend on what renovation is taking place. If it is an indoor project that doesn’t need much large equipment, you will most likely only need to focus on protecting the floors, doors and windows of your home and not anything in the yard. However, if there is a yard renovation project in your future, such as a new pool or patio, you will want to think about how the moving around of tools and equipment might have a negative impact on your metal fencing panels.

A plan of action

Planning out your project is ideal for many reasons, but the one we are focusing on here is protection for your beautiful décor pieces and structures that are already in place and in good condition, such as your aluminum fence. Planning out the path any large equipment will take through your yard or property ahead of time will allow you to plan what parts of the metal fencing panels need to be wrapped up in plastic or cardboard to avoid getting scratches on the paint. Your plan of action should also include letting anyone working on your home know what areas to take extra care with, such as entry gates, doors and the areas around expensive furniture.

Yard renovations

It is incredibly important to take extra care when working on outdoor yard renovations. Your outdoor furniture and plants are already capable of withstanding some pretty harsh weather conditions, but having a heavy load dropped on a flower bed or a large machine denting your entry gate will quickly have you wishing you had done more preparation ahead of time. Just carry out a quick walk-through with the people working on your renovation project to show them the areas to avoid and exactly how to enter the yard. Ask them to avoid the grass or the walkways, depending on which area you are hoping to protect.

Boundaries and neighbors

Protecting your fence and property isn’t only necessary when you are renovating. There may be times when your neighbor is partaking in some home renovations. While that normally wouldn’t have an effect on you or your property, a mishap could very easily occur if you have any metal fencing panels on or near the property line. To avoid any scratching to your fence from heavy machinery, speak with your neighbor beforehand to check if there is anything you should do to cover your fence. It might be helpful to also take photos of your fence before the renovations begin to use as a comparison should anything go wrong.

Protecting your home, yard and belongings during a renovation is something to seriously consider. It doesn’t take too long to cover a few fence panels, and you’ll be so glad you made the decision to protect your home.