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Front Yard Aluminum FenceThere are some upgrades for your aluminum fence that are definitely worth the higher cost. Use this advice to decide what’s best for you!

Upgrades always sound so luxurious, not to mention expensive. Don’t be put off by higher prices when you are searching around for the perfect aluminum fence or gate. Some upgrades are definitely worth considering, especially if you are looking for a stronger, safer fence and gate.

Industrial-strength gates

If you are already in the market for a heavy-duty aluminum fence, commercial or industrial fencing will definitely be on your radar. Commercial double or estate gates can come pre-made at widths of up to 16 feet. That is a bit larger than the residential gates that you can find at family homes. With commercial and industrial properties of a much larger scale than a normal family home, a bigger gate is definitely in order.

This is when upgrading to industrial gates is most beneficial to really add to the safety and security of your property. Coming in widths of up to 30 feet, industrial double or estate gates can cover quite a large entry point, which is perfect for buildings and properties that have plenty of large truck traffic coming in and out.

Self-closing hinges and locks

Accessories for fencing are great for décor and ease of use, but what about upgrading the hardware that is used to help the entryways open and close? Chances are your entry gates are getting a lot of use each day, especially if your property comes with a lot of foot or automobile traffic. To keep the area secure and your fence and gates in good repair, consider what types of hinges and locks you are purchasing.

Self-closing hinges are convenient and reliable, giving you peace of mind that your gate isn’t being left open by anyone visiting the property. Pairing that with a heavy-duty lock that can be locked from the inside and outside helps raise the security level even more.

Expanded metal around entry points

Industrial fencing definitely adds to the security of a property. With extra heavy-duty aluminum in the fence panels and entry gates, these types of fences are tall, thick and a force to be reckoned with. Even with a heavy-duty, upgraded lock, your property might still have some points of entry that aren’t as secure as they could be.

This is when you want to consider installing the mesh-like expanded metal on the gates and doorways. The expanded metal goes between pickets to stop hands, arms and tools from reaching through and around the gate. The entry points of a fence and gate need to be extra secured. Having mesh to stop any ill-natured individuals from gaining access to the property is ideal.

With so many upgrades available for your fence and gate, it’s hard to know where to begin. Considering what you want the purpose of your gate to be can help you narrow down what is the most important thing to spend your money on and therefore which upgrades are worth it. If your property houses some highly important and sensitive material that needs to stay as secure as possible, consider upgrading to industrial fencing and gates and shop around the various accessories. There are also some great upgrades that make your fence look even more attractive, too, which is something to consider with any leftovers in your budget!