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Residential Aluminum FenceWhether you purposely put plants close to your fence or they climbed their way over, there are some great benefits to surrounding your fence with nature.

Plants, flowers, shrubs and trees are great additions to any outdoor space. Residential homes look great with a little planned landscaping, and commercial and industrial properties can really up their game with the right selection of plants. Nothing pulls together an outdoor space like beautiful nature.

With many commercial properties, there will be a good amount of security surrounding the site. This will most likely be in the form of a commercial or industrial fence with large gates. It can be tough deciding what is best to plant around the fence area, especially when the fence is tall and the property is large. This is when certain plants and shrubs come in handy to hide things you don’t want to be visible to the public or to accentuate what is just beyond the fence.

Climbing high

When people think of climbing plants, they often picture ivy or other climbing plants that grow up the sides of buildings or fences. Choosing the right climbing plant for your property and fence is really up to personal preference, but do know there are plenty of options when it comes to flowering plants and green plants.

When planting anything near a fence, it’s important to plant a little bit away from the fence so there is enough room for the roots to get the water they need to grow. If you don’t have the help of a gardener, it’s important to pick a climbing plant that doesn’t need too much maintenance and can support itself.

The beauty of flowers

There is a good chance your property already has some type of flower somewhere in the outdoor space. What about adding flowers to your fence? A lot of climbers come with beautiful flowers, and you can pick and choose depending on the season, the location and what goes best with your property.

For example, morning glory flowers are a reliable choice that will grow nicely up the aluminum fence pickets with a beautiful pop of color. Morning glory flowers are annuals, which means they will die with the first frost. Then you can choose another type of flower to add to your fence to see what works best for you and your property.

Another popular fence flower that has a beautiful scent and grows without much help is the honeysuckle. They are strong and support themselves well, making them a great option for a fence owner who hasn’t been blessed with a green thumb!

Letting shrubs do the hard work

An aluminum commercial or industrial fence can have privacy panels added to stop anyone from the outside looking into the property. That’s a surefire way to have as much privacy as possible. What if you don’t want the look of privacy panels but would enjoy a less clear view of your property from the street? The answer is shrubs.

Shrubbery comes in all different shapes, types and sizes. Choosing a wall shrub does exactly what it sounds like. In essence, it creates a wall of shrubbery that really hinders the view from outside but also looks quite attractive from all angles.

Whether you are looking for a pop of color, more privacy or a beautiful plant to climb up the fence pickets, nature is a great way to achieve a beautiful and eco-friendly design.