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Aluminum FenceEnsuring you get the correct permits for your property’s new fence is a necessary duty when planning your do-it-yourself metal fencing project.

Doing any type of building or construction on your property usually means performing your due diligence and ensuring you have abided by all of the rules and regulations of the city or municipality. This usually means getting permits for any additional structures and checking on what other items you need permission for.

Did you know that in most cities, a fence is considered one of the structures you need permission to build? Interestingly, some places even have regulations about tearing down an old fence, too. This can come as quite a surprise to many people, especially since taking down an old fence and putting up a new one is an easy do-it-yourself job these days. It would not be unreasonable to presume permits are only needed for big construction jobs where a whole team and contractor are needed.

Getting permission from the right place

There are a few things to keep in mind when getting permission to build residential, commercial or industrial metal fencing. First of all, you will need to check exactly who you need to ask for permission to put up your new aluminum fence. Most people will need to check with their town or city to ensure they are following all of the rules set for different types of fences, and to get the all important permissions according to your plans. You may also have a homeowner’s association to deal with, and they might set extra regulations pertaining to the color and design of the fence itself.

The application process

Applying for a permit can be a quick process, but depending on where you live and what type of fence you are hoping to get, it could take some time. Many cities and municipalities have online forms to fill out to bring you one step closer to your new fence. Unfortunately, not every area has an online submission option, so you might find yourself doing a bit of legwork. Don’t worry; a quick trip to the right city building can get you squared away in no time.

The who, what, where, when and why

The permit you are hoping to acquire for your new fence may require some very important information. The form might ask for a description of the fence, its dimensions, where the property lines are located, and when the construction will take place. For commercial and industrial metal fencing, there may be more in-depth questions regarding what is located on the property to ensure the fence is a sufficient size and type for the needs of the property and the surrounding area.

To obtain a permit for a fencing project, a contractor does not have to submit the form. The property owner is permitted to apply, allowing you to really take ownership of the project. This is especially helpful when you are planning to order the aluminum fencing materials online and erect the fence on your own.

With these tips on gaining the proper permit and the helpful diagrams and instructions that are supplied by your fence panel provider, you will be well on your way to a beautiful new fence surrounding your property.