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Just because it’s called industrial aluminum fencing doesn’t mean it can only work on industrial properties. Properties of all types can benefit from this fencing.Black Industrial Fence from GreatFence.comResidential properties include single-family homes and duplexes. Commercial properties are buildings that gain profit in some way, such as retail buildings or larger apartment building complexes. Industrial properties include large buildings – often multiple buildings on one property – that house large factories, warehouses, data centers, or manufacturing centers.

Metal fencing for different property types

Residential metal fencing is most often used for residential homes. Aluminum fencing made for homes is strong, sturdy and made to last. Commercial metal fencing is a step above residential in the sense that it is still made of the strong, sturdy aluminum metal, but it is a little bit thicker and heavier, and it comes in taller panels because the buildings are often quite large.

This leaves industrial metal fencing as the largest aluminum fence panels you can purchase. The metal posts are thick and heavy and need to be installed at a certain depth in the ground to keep the panels up. The panels themselves have pickets that are thick and large. The height, weight and strength of industrial panels work very well for industrial properties, but that doesn’t have to be the only property type to benefit from this strong fence.

Safe and secure

All property owners – whether they own single-family homes, Industrial Curved Security Picket Gatesapartment complexes or warehouses – will agree that safety and security are the top priorities for a fence. Industrial metal fencing gives the most security due to the strong nature of the aluminum and the quantity used in this particular fence. Aluminum is a lot tougher than wooden or chain link fences and will not be damaged or even scaled in the same way. This leaves properties of any size with a secure area that those looking to cause trouble cannot enter.

Keeping in and keeping out

Depending on your property type and purpose, there may be some animals you should consider when choosing a fence. Many households need outdoor space for their dogs or other pets to run around safely. This can be true for properties that have parks or sporting fields, too. Industrial fencing helps due to the size and bulk of the pickets and panels. Dogs of all sizes can be kept safely in the yard. Likewise, any deer or other wild animals that you hope to keep out of your property’s outdoor spaces will remain safely and securely on the other side of the fence.White Industrial Fencing with Puppy Pickets 2018

The question of whether to get industrial-strength fencing boils down to what you want for your property. It’s easy to come to the conclusion that you might as well get industrial fencing for that added protection and strength, and there’s no good reason not to take this approach. If you’re worried about the installation process being more difficult with industrial fencing, do not fear. You can still find the same helpful guidelines and installation instructions, and your perfectly measured panels will fit into your measured posts with ease. Of course, the industrial aluminum might be heavier than your average fence, but with a few people helping, it shouldn’t be a problem. Before you know it, you will have a beautifully strong industrial fence on whatever type of property you happen to have.