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You might not immediately consider the environment when picking a fencing material, but you should know there are advantages to choosing aluminum.

Many products today are labeled “eco-friendly” or “environmentally friendly” to showcase that by purchasing them, you are making a great decision for Mother Earth. You want to ensure the products you purchase will not negatively impact the environment benefits you, your family and future generations. Purchasing a reusable glass water bottle or opting to use a recyclable, reusable bag at the grocery store instead of plastic are quick, cheap and easy ways to be eco-friendly, but what about big purchases for your home and property like fencing and gates? Can these be done in a way that doesn’t harm the environment?
Aluminum Fence Wood Posts

Fencing comes in a few popular materials: wood, wrought iron, vinyl and aluminum. Wood is a natural option but isn’t known for lasting for a long time. It can rot quickly and must be replaced. Vinyl includes too many chemicals to be considered eco-friendly. Many people who want a classic black metal fence will turn to wrought iron. After all, you can easily find used wrought iron fence panels. Wrought iron is long-lasting but can be quite costly, placing it out of reach for some people. In addition, it needs more maintenance than a black aluminum fence and oxidizes in an unsightly way, leaving a rusty fence if neglected. This leaves us with aluminum fencing.

Choosing aluminum

Aluminum will sound familiar to anyone who recycles as this metal is easily recyclable. As a lightweight metal that is quite malleable, aluminum can be used in many different areas, from cans to fencing. When made into fence panels for customers to order online, the aluminum is in a thick, strong layer. It is covered in a light powder coating that keeps the metal from beginning its unique oxidation process. A black aluminum fence will stay in its original condition for years thanks to this coating and the amazing properties of the aluminum metal itself. Why is this good for the environment?

Longevity and upkeep

Aluminum fencing is great for the environment mainly because aluminum is recyclable. That means your fencing panels and posts come from recycled material. Years from now when you eventually choose to replace it, it can be recycled again! This long lifespan bodes well for the environment and the metal is unlikely to end up in a landfill.
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A great way to keep the fencing in such good condition year after year is to keep it clean and in good shape. Check for any scratches to the powder coating; touching these up can ensure the fence stays healthy. Cleaning is a breeze with this type of fence because you don’t need any special cleaning materials. You just need a mild soap and some water to wash it down. Other fencing types may require power washers that use a lot of water and cleaning product or special chemical washes that can be harmful for the nearby flora and fauna. Aluminum fencing is simple in this way, making it eco-friendly.

Aluminum fencing is incredibly low maintenance. This makes property owners happy because there is less to do. Having an easy-to-maintain fence that also won’t harm the environment and isn’t outrageously expensive sounds like a dream come true. With just a few clicks of the mouse to order your new fence, you’ll soon be making good choices for your home and the environment.
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