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Don’t let aluminum fool you. The same thin metal that holds your soft drink can create a mighty strong fence and gate.

Aluminum foil and aluminum cans are likely the two most common household items people think of when they hear aluminum. Aluminum is a gray or silver-colored metal that is ductile and malleable. It isn’t magnetic and is lighter than your typical metal. It is an element found in the earth that has many uses, both in nature and with humans.

Thanks to its low density and malleability, aluminum makes for a fabulous material for residential, commercial and industrial fencing. It’s exactly what you want in a gate: inexpensive and easily customizable, with a gorgeous finished product.

Cost: Now and Later

Fencing can be expensive. This is especially true with commercial and industrial fencing because of the thick and strong material needed. Looking at the high quality of the material and considering how long the finished product will last can quickly show you what a great investment an aluminum gate will be. Best of all, all of the decisions you are making now for your new industrial fence won’t even need to cross your mind for years to come. Minimal upkeep is needed on aluminum fencing and gates. Your original investment lasts for years without any outrageous maintenance costs popping up.

Residential Style 9

Curb Appeal

Having an inexpensive and durable gate is great, but what about its appearance? The perimeter of a property is the first thing anyone will see when visiting your place. Having a gate that complements the home and property type is ideal, and there are plenty of design choices from which to choose. Aluminum gates are often styled in an elegant and classic way, with vertical pickets and intricate tops. The decisions don’t stop at style; you can also choose the color, size and panel type.

Large White Aluminum Fence


Aluminum gates can be installed as a DIY project. Doing it yourself means you have full control over the finished product. Being able to decide on aspects to match your wants and needs for the property is a dream come true when you compare it to shopping for a pre-made fence that doesn’t fit your style. Many people choose to take their gate to another level with a custom inlay at the entrance to their property. This inlay can be customized with an emblem or initials to really showcase what the property is all about.

Open and Close

All of that swinging and sliding from a busy property’s gates could spell disaster. Wear and tear is a real problem for some fencing materials. Aluminum gates don’t have the same worry as other fencing materials. The lightweight material means less pressure is being put on the opening mechanism of the gate, allowing it to freely open and close as often as necessary. Industrial properties in general will likely have plenty of large vehicle traffic or even foot traffic. Having gates at all the entrances and exits that are sturdy but high in quality is ideal. Of course, having strong locks is essential, too. You can get exactly what your property needs for the highest safety and security.

Don’t be fooled by floppy aluminum foil and flimsy cans. Aluminum is actually an incredibly strong metal that can help you in your next residential, commercial or industrial fencing and gate project.