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There are plenty of obvious reasons someone would want to add a fence or gate to their property, but there are also some unlikely reasons that may surprise you.

Residential, commercial and industrial fencing comes in many different shapes and sizes for a variety of purposes. The reason you are in the market for a new aluminum fence will most likely fall under the category of safety, security or durability. Aluminum fences and gates are built to last for years after installation. The quality of the metal and the elegant look of the finished product leave many people shocked at the reasonable price tag for this type of fencing.

Large Pool Safety Fence

A traditional aluminum fence for a residential property can be installed as a DIY project. You might be surprised to hear that you can do the same type of home improvement project with a commercial or industrial fence, too! The pieces may be heavier and more sturdy for a larger, stronger fence, but the basic ordering and installation processes are the same.

To order an aluminum fence for a residential, commercial or industrial property, you only need to turn to the internet. With an easy ordering process that gives you all of the information you need about style, strength and size, you will quickly click through the options, and your panels and posts will be on their way to your property in no time. Once the pieces have arrived, all that is left is the installation process. With easy-to-follow guides and instructions, this do-it-yourself project can be finished in a breeze.

Once you have a great new aluminum fence on your property, you might be wondering where else this great fencing material can help you have a safe, secure and attractive property. There are actually a few places people don’t initially think of when they are considering fencing, but all of these options can really take a property up a notch.

Large Baseball Field Security Fence


If your property has walkways that guests, customers or staff need to walk along, you may want to consider putting in aluminum handrails. These can help with safety while showcasing where the walkways run from one area of the property to another.

Entry Points

The bigger the property, the more entry points there will be. To keep each area safe and secure and demarcated as part of your property, an aluminum gate can do the trick. Whether the traffic arrives to the property by foot, car or truck, lockable gates made of aluminum can withstand plenty of daily use.

Commercial Aluminum Estate Gate with Puppy Pickets

Blocking the View

Sometimes an industrial fence is used to not only keep a place secure, but also to keep it out of the public’s view. This could be because of an unsightly piece of machinery or an area of trash receptacles, or there could simply be a public footpath that you would like to keep out of your own view from the property. Either way, aluminum privacy panels can block the view going in or out!

Visual Cues

Last but not least, aluminum fencing gives important visual demarcation for your property line. This is helpful not only for visitors but those living and working on the property in all areas.

Aluminum material fencing and gates don’t necessarily need to be reserved for the driveway and perimeter of a commercial, residential or industrial property. There are many places this great material can add a little extra to a property.