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A little preparation, an easy online purchase and the right tools can go a long way toward completing your own DIY aluminum fence home improvement project.

A level, saw, shovel, mallet, and tape measure are just a few things that might help you in your home improvement project for a new fence. Using aluminum fence panels means a lot of the hard work is done for you. Ordering panels and posts to be delivered to your door means the panels are already fitted to the exact specifications you give. There is no guesswork needed once the panels arrive, so you can get right into the installation process. This means you will want to ensure you have all of the knowledge, tools and preparations ready for that delivery.

What you need for a successful home improvement job isn’t only what you hold in your hands. While there are tools and instruments that help dig and hammer things in, there is also knowledge and background that can help you with the project. Thankfully, you don’t have to know everything before getting started. There are amazingly helpful instructions and diagrams that can give you the knowledge you need, along with an extensive frequently asked questions section that goes through some common queries.

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Measuring Just Right

Before you order aluminum fence panels and posts, it’s important to measure everything just right. For this, you will need a good idea of how big each panel is and how it will fit into your yard. Knowing the full dimensions of your property can help you understand what is best for your outdoor spaces.

It’s helpful to note that there are a few types of fencing: residential, commercial and industrial. Each one is a bit thicker and stronger than the next. To choose between the three, you really need to consider what you need the fence for and what type of property you have. Check the dimensions for each fence type before you measure your yard so you can visualize how a panel of that size will look compared to others.

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Hammering It In and Digging Deep

Before the fence panels that you choose arrive, you will want to take inventory of your tool box to ensure you have what you need. A few necessities include a tool to dig holes for the posts and one for hammering in each piece where it goes.

For digging the post holes, it isn’t necessary to have a large digging machine. Some people choose to borrow or buy a simple auger to help dig the holes deep enough. The usual depth of holes you need for posts is around two feet, but this may be different if you live in a place where the ground freezes and frosts. Check with your local municipality or homeowners association about this.

An important tool you will definitely want to have in your toolbox is a rubber mallet. Remember that your panels and posts arrive separately, and you will need to piece the different parts together. Check out the installation manual for more tips on best practices to use when installing your aluminum fence and posts. By arming yourself with the right knowledge, tools and preparation, you will have the fence of your dreams.

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