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Taking care of your fence ensures it stays in great shape year after year. With aluminum, the amount of effort needed to keep it looking good is minimal.

Those who have already taken the plunge into the world of aluminum fencing already know the very small amount of work that goes into keeping it in top shape. For those who are new to the world of aluminum, let’s go over some of the reasons this type of fencing is exactly what you need, whether it is an aluminum pool fence, gate, or a fence for your commercial or industrial property.

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How Do I Keep My Aluminum Fence in Good Shape?

It might go without saying, but your fence and gate will need to be cleaned from time to time. The beauty of having aluminum is that you don’t need to do this as often as you would with other fencing materials. You only need some mild detergent and water mixed together when cleaning your fence and all of its parts. There is no need to use tough, abrasive chemicals or cleaning tools like steel wool because the fence won’t collect debris the way the nooks and crannies of a wooden fence might.

You may also use a power washer on the lowest setting for a quick cleaning between seasons. If you live near the ocean and there is salt residue, you may want to rinse your fence more often to remove the unsightly layer of salt.

Should I Worry About Dents and Scratches?

With any outdoor product there is bound to be normal wear and tear, whether it’s from machinery that must go in and out of the gate, debris from wind, or the effects of extra use on a gate’s hinges. Thankfully, aluminum can withstand a lot of wear and tear, although it can be damaged if a falling branch or lawnmower hits it hard enough.

To avoid unsightly damage to the fence and its protective powder coating, avoid use sharp-bladed weed trimmers too close to the fence panels. If you have a gate on your aluminum pool fence, ensure it is kept closed and locked for a few reasons. In addition to enhancing safety for everyone so nobody mistakenly wanders into the pool and has an accident, keeping gates closed ensures they do not end up banging in the wind over and over, adding even more wear and tear and possible damage.

What Other Considerations Are There?

One thing that people might not think about when it comes to keeping your fence in good shape is harsh chemicals from the pool water. Chlorine and other chemicals can cause erosion in many materials. This is okay with aluminum fencing because of the powder coating that keeps any moisture and unwanted materials away from the metal itself. However, if you find that your fencing has been scratched or dented, the protective coating may be in not the best shape. This can be easily remedied with an aluminum touch-up paint that helps put the protective coating back in place and ready for whatever comes.

Aluminum fencing has many advantages, and some of the biggest can be found on the upkeep side. Putting in minimal effort while maintaining such a beautiful fence really is the best option for your property.

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