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Throughout the years and centuries, fencing has changed. With strong and beautiful aluminum fencing, you can see just how far fencing has come.

Have you ever wondered where the word “fence” originated? Although its roots might surprise you, it makes perfect sense. The word was first used centuries ago and comes from the word “defense”. In fact, the British spelling of “defense” uses a C in place of the S, making the connection even clearer!

A fence should indeed serve as a defense for the home or property, protecting it from outside forces. Of course, the original forces that buildings and people needed protected from have changed dramatically over the years, but it is still a form of protection nevertheless.

New Materials, Stronger Fences

Over the years, different materials have been used to build fences. Some materials are older than others, of course. Stone fencing can be seen as far back as the Bronze age, and Victorian housing wouldn’t be complete without a beautifully ornate wrought iron fencing or gate. Wooden fences, especially white picket wooden fences, became synonymous with traditional family homes at some point.

With all of these materials available to create fences, there is one newer entrant to the market that is outshining the others in different and important ways. Aluminum fencing for houses or pool fence DIY is becoming more popular thanks to the versatility of this metal. Aluminum is sturdy and malleable. Forget aluminum cans – fences made out of this metal are thick and strong. Not only is the quality of the fencing material top-notch, but the price is affordable and the look is classically beautiful.

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Changing Trends

The look of an aluminum fence – whether it’s for a home, a business or a pool – is noticeably attractive. The high-quality appearance of aluminum seems to be based on the look of previous fencing trends over the years. The look of fences always comes back to an elegant and classic feel. Some may call it basic, but it is really versatile as it suits any setting. The vertical pickets bring the eyes to the buildings beyond the fence, creating a great border for a residential home or commercial property.

With aluminum fencing, you can customize the look to suit your tastes. If the more classic style isn’t for you, you can add your own personal touches to be more unique. For example, you can change the tops of the pickets to be spears, finials or spheres, or create a custom inlay with your initials so everyone knows whose property they are entering.

Aluminum Fence

Professionally DIY

The methods of ordering and installing a fence have come a long way. Gone are the days of having to go to a store or warehouse to look at materials and choices, then waiting forever for it to be made. You can order fencing online from the comfort of your home and have all the parts delivered right to your door. You no longer need to rely on professionals to pencil you into their calendars to install everything.

That’s right: you can install your own house or pool fence DIY! You don’t have to be a fencing professional to follow the easy diagrams for installation. With just a few tools and a bit of preparation work, you can be well on your way to a new, modern fence with a classic look that will defend and protect your property.

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