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Having any type of slope on your property means you may be in need of a racked or stepped fence. Let aluminum help your property look its best.

Land comes in all shapes and sizes. You might live in a pretty flat area where it is very easy to install your own DIY fence, or you might live in a hilly or mountainous area where the idea of installing your own fence sounds way too complicated for you to figure out yourself. Fear not! You, too, can install fencing on your unique or hilly land with just a little knowledge about racking and stepping.

Aluminum Fence Sloped

What Stepping Is and Why It May Be Useful to You

If you have any sloped areas in your yard, you may need to use the stair step fencing method. Stepping a fence involves putting each fencing panel a bit lower than the next, allowing you to fence in your property with vertical pickets. Each post will have two panels on it at different heights.

It is important to note that a stepped fence leaves a small gap in the corner of each stepped panel. This does not mean it becomes any less secure, but if you have small animals on the property, it may be a disadvantage for you.

Any uneven land on your property will need to be dealt with when installing your own DIY fence. Knowing these areas when you order your fencing materials and parts will help ensure you are ordering the right product.

Why Racking Might Be Better for You

The racking method for installing aluminum fencing panels involves setting up the panels with pickets ahead of time that are at a slight (or hefty) angle for your sloped area.

There are options for standard panels, rackable and heavy rackable panels. Many property owners find they only need one or a few panels of racked pickets for either a small incline near the property line or perhaps for a staircase entryway.

Measuring and preparation are essential for this type of fencing panel to ensure you are ordering the right one. Knowing what degree you need will help you to receive your panels ready for the job.

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Aluminum Fencing Panels Are Perfect for Slopes

Aluminum fencing has many advantages for a property owner. The aluminum metal is made in different grades depending on what property type you have. There are many different height options and even different options for how much empty space is between pickets. You can create a private oasis or have an elegant driveway gate entryway; the choices can take you any style direction you want.

Aluminum fencing comes in panel form, which allows for easy rackability for any uneven or sloped part of your land. Installing a DIY fence is a breeze thanks to helpful instructions and diagrams. If you have any questions during the installation process, you can always check with the fencing specialists to ensure you are doing right by your property and getting the best result possible.

Once you have chosen how you want your uneven land to be fenced in using aluminum panels, you will be ready for your DIY aluminum fence home improvement job. It just takes a little preparation and planning and you’ll be ready to go!

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