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The design choices for your new aluminum fence are up to you, and there are plenty of options available. Choose what complements your property the best.

Look around your town and the neighboring towns at the different fences and gates people have chosen for their properties. They may have had fewer options than you do at the time they purchased theirs, but you can see the different style choices and how they complement (or detract from) the buildings on the property.

Taking a look around at the neighbors can also give you a great idea of what you don’t want for your property. Take a mental note of what you would like to see year after year, and what styles you’d rather not have for your own property. Keep in mind while making these style choices that aluminum fencing in particular is built to last. Whatever you choose should be something that you really love and wouldn’t mind having for a long time.

To Top or Not to Top

The top section of aluminum fencing is a pretty significant style choice. The picket tops are a popular choice, with different shapes or finials on the top of each picket showcasing the ornate beauty of this type of fencing. Of course, you don’t have to choose tops for the pickets. Aluminum fencing looks just as attractive and classic with a horizontal bar across the tops of the pickets. Some people find this better for practical reasons as well as aesthetic ones.

Aluminum Fence In Snow

Using Empty Space

Another great way to create a unique space for your property is to specifically choose the amount of empty space there will be between pickets on your fence. You may choose to go with the classic look, where people and cars passing by have a good sightline into your yard, and those in the yard can see out just fine. Alternatively, you may find it better for your needs to have little to no space to add privacy and help control sound.

Playing Around with Color

Perhaps you are interested in a plain, black aluminum fence that can just blend in with the rest of your neighborhood and not stick out much, or maybe you are looking for something that will add more color and life to your land. There are plenty of glossy and flat colors to choose from to match any style.

Large Estate Gate with Rings

Accessories and Entryways

If a classic black aluminum fence is what you are after, there are gates and different accessories that can match this to create a whole medley of aluminum surrounding your property. If you choose a bolder color and look, you can also get a similarly styled gate to complement it nicely. Just like fences, entryways come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Aluminum fencing has additional options that you may be interested in to lend more style to your outdoor spaces. One popular choice is arbors made from aluminum. Arbors can be a beautiful addition to any yard, especially for significant events. Arbors create a beautiful photo opportunity, and they can be styled with different vines, flowers or shrubs.

Whatever style, color or décor additions you choose for the outdoor spaces of your property, you will surely get to enjoy them for years to come. Aluminum fencing and gates are the perfect choices for a property of any size. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they will continue standing tall season after season.

Large Deluxe Arbor