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One fencing variety works best for all property types thanks to the incredible advantages of the material and its classic look: aluminum fence panels.

Wooden, chain link, white picket, wrought iron and aluminum are just some of the fencing possibilities for different property types, but one outshines the others in many different aspects. Residential, commercial and industrial metal fencing made of aluminum is an ideal choice for your next DIY fencing project.

Residential Properties

Whether your home is on a small lot or you have acres and acres, ensuring you have the right fence surrounding the property will help you with security, longevity and curb appeal. Aluminum fencing panels cover all the bases and more thanks to the strength of the metal and the ease of upkeep.

Aluminum panels for residential properties can be installed at your own pace and on your own timeline. The customization options are vast when it comes to the fence’s look, giving you full control from the start, and that control continues when it’s time to install the fence.

Ordering fencing panels is a breeze from the comfort of your home, with plenty of choices to make along the way in terms of size, color, shape and gate options. As far as your home is concerned, getting a residential-grade aluminum fence is the perfect mix of beauty and security that won’t hurt your wallet.

Large Fence With Puppy Pickets

Commercial Properties

Commercial-grade aluminum fencing is made thicker and stronger than residential fencing panels. This accounts for the larger property size as well as the different types of buildings or companies that may be on the premises. Commercial and industrial metal fencing is thick enough to withstand outside forces that could threaten the safety or security of everyone and everything on the property.

Whether the property is a mall, a school, an apartment complex, or a business park, commercial properties need the security of a fence that stands tall and can stop unsavory characters. This is especially true when a parking lot is involved, especially in places like a car dealership. Having a fence where people can see through the pickets at what is available on the property is helpful, but those pickets should be strong and difficult to climb over. Aluminum fencing has all this covered.

Large Commercial Fence At Amusement Park

Industrial Properties

Safety and security are at the forefront of most property owners’ minds. Outside forces such as criminal activity, wayward cars from the road, and even extreme storms could possibly affect a weaker fence, but not aluminum. Aluminum fencing panels are sure to withstand whatever comes at them thanks to their clever design, strong metal, and sturdy entryways.

The larger the property, the larger and sturdier the fence should be – but even the largest aluminum fence won’t have much to clean up or maintain thanks to a special powder coating over each piece. This powder coating stops scrapes from forming, which could be detrimental to the metal below over time. Just give your fence a wash between seasons to keep it looking good. You won’t have to replace pickets that rot like you would if your fence was made of wood, and the pickets won’t bend out of shape like they would on a chain-link fence.

Aluminum vertical picket fencing is the perfect choice for all of your property’s needs. With minimal work, the fencing can stay in great condition year after year, no matter what property type you have.

Large Storage Fencing