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Are the many aluminum gate options available overwhelming you? Let’s take it one step at a time to figure out exactly what you need for your property.

When making any decision, it’s important to weigh all the options. Knowledge is power in these scenarios, and the more you know about the options, the better prepared you are to make the best decision. Choosing the right driveway or estate gate is no different.

Driveway gates really do come in so many shapes, sizes, styles and materials. The first decision you should make is determining the best material for the job.

Choosing a Gate Material

A driveway gate needs to be strong, sturdy and able to withstand some heavy use. Metal is a great option, with aluminum being a very strong choice.

Driveway aluminum gates are made with a strong grade of the metal that is built to last. The aluminum is covered in a powder coating that allows the metal underneath to stay strong and free of moisture. Water corrodes certain metals quickly and makes them brittle, but this is simply not the case with aluminum. While corrosion would occur eventually without a powder coating, the way aluminum oxidizes doesn’t degrade the aluminum – although it may be unsightly.

Cleaning an aluminum gate between harsh seasons is a great way to ensure the gate and its powder coating are kept in good condition. By doing this, an aluminum gate can last for many years without needing to be replaced.

Large Estate Gate with Bronco Inlay

Choosing a Style

You have likely seen different types of fencing and gates in your neighborhood or while driving around. There are many different looks or design pieces that can make a property look the way you desire.

When choosing a style for driveway aluminum gates, there are a few main factors to consider. The first one is the color. Many opt for classic black, but there are other choices. Think about what works best with the rest of the property and the various buildings on it.

You also will want to consider the tops of the pickets. There are some great options available, such as rings, spears, or even just a basic horizontal bar. Each of these gives off a different vibe, depending on what look you are hoping to achieve.

The style of your gates also covers the space between the pickets. With less space between pickets, there is less of a sightline. This can also be helpful if there are pets on the property. Size, in general, is an important factor where measuring is essential. Be sure to double-check everything before placing your order.

Large Beach Fence

Choosing a Swing

Opening and closing a driveway gate can be done in a number of ways. A lot of this depends on the size of your property. Having a gate that swings is a popular choice, especially if the gate is going to be automated.

When you choose swinging gates, you can opt for one large gate that swings one way or the other, or two gates that swing to meet in the middle. Having a sliding gate means having a little more room to work with, and it is a choice that is entirely up to you.

Aluminum is clearly a good choice when it comes to fences and gates. Ordering, installing and maintaining aluminum driveway gates is pretty easy. There are lots of options, and taking things step by step can help you create a beautiful and welcoming environment for your property.

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