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Before you buy a chain link fence, you should first consider the great benefits of aluminum for all of your fencing and driveway gate needs.

Think for a moment about a high-security fence. Are you picturing a tall chain link fence with signs posted on it saying not to enter the property without authorization? This is a common security fence, but it is not the only option. A security fence does not have to be unsightly, and in fact, it would be much better if it were stronger and sturdier than your typical chain link fence.

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Trying a Different Fencing Material

Chain link fencing has a specific look. The diamond-shaped empty spaces between the linked wire give it a look that isn’t necessarily aesthetically pleasing. Chain link is often made from a type of galvanized steel wire. This thin and very pliable wire does not necessarily scream “high security”, although it does work well for some types of properties.

If you want something that is more sturdy and a sure bet in terms of security, look no further than aluminum fencing. An aluminum fence is made of multiple panels all put together with sturdy posts. Each panel is made up of multiple vertical pickets all attached by a horizontal bar at the top and the bottom.

The vertical nature of the majority of the fence gives a subtly stylish and classic look. Aluminum fences and gates are attractive and do not need much upkeep. They will not bend or break the way chain link can, and this is mainly due to the incredible strength of the aluminum. You can choose various grades of aluminum depending on the type of property you have, meaning your fencing materials can be thicker and heavier depending on your security needs.

To keep aluminum fencing in top shape, just give it a good cleaning in-between seasons. The cleaning process doesn’t include any special cleaning products or materials. Just soap, water, and a rag will do the job quite nicely. Chain link fences have many crevices and can be difficult to keep clean, but aluminum can be easily wiped as needed.

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Added Security

While many chain link fences can visibly move in regularly windy weather, aluminum fencing will stay strong and sturdy throughout even the craziest weather conditions. Even better, the design of aluminum fences deters unwelcome guests from entering the premises. With no foothold, aluminum is difficult to climb. Now imagine climbing a chain-link fence and how easy it would be to put your foot right into the open space!

With safety and security being so important, it is also helpful to know that aluminum will not rust the way other metals will. Aluminum fences and gates are given a specialized powder coating that keeps the metal free from any moisture. Even if moisture did find its way to the amazing aluminum metal, the metal would not turn to orange rust and disintegrate. This is because aluminum oxidizes differently than other metals.

Choosing a chain-link fence might seem like an easy and inexpensive way to quickly add security fencing to your property, but aluminum fences can be just as affordable and easy while giving your property better security and peace of mind. Check out what aluminum can do for your property so that you can make the most informed decision.

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