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Sharing important information with the groundskeeper of your property will help ensure your aluminum fence and gate are kept clean and in good order.

Having a large property for commercial or industrial use comes with a lot of responsibility. There may be grass to mow, landscaping to keep in check, and fences and gates that need to be kept up. Some of these things may seem costly and time-consuming, but taking care of an industrial fence shouldn’t have to be such a chore.

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Aluminum Is the Way to Go

The ease of maintaining and cleaning your fence and gate comes down to what type of fencing material you have chosen. There are plenty of fencing materials on the market, and some may be better or worse for your property type. Choosing aluminum for your fencing and gates means choosing a safe, secure, and sturdy option.

Aluminum fencing for large commercial and industrial properties is made up of panels that are attached to posts surrounding the premises. Aluminum fencing works well as security fencing thanks to the clever design and strong metal material.

A commercial and industrial fence made of aluminum can be ordered online and delivered to your property ready for an easy installation process. Informing anyone who works on the grounds of your property of the steps you are taking can only benefit them as they are the ones who will likely be taking care of the day-to-day upkeep of the grounds.

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Keeping Things in Great Shape

Knowing how to maintain aluminum industrial fencing means understanding the metal itself. Aluminum does not oxidize the way other metals do. When any moisture or wetness touches uncoated aluminum, an oxidation process begins. This entails the metal gradually changing and growing in an unpredictable way. This is better than other metals that may rust and disintegrate, creating a less sturdy surface. However, this oxidation process for aluminum can also be unsightly. This is why there is a protective powder coating on all of the aluminum parts.

This protective powder coating needs to be kept intact in order for the fence to look as good as new, season after season. This means that any scratches or dents to the fence or gate should be dealt with swiftly to ensure no moisture can get to the metal below. The best practice for checking the protective powder coating is to check it every time the fence is cleaned.

In order to clean fencing made of aluminum, you don’t need any fancy tools or chemicals. Aluminum fencing and its protective coating can be washed with mild soap and water with just a rag as needed. For especially dirty fences, which may happen depending on your area and weather conditions, power washing can also be beneficial to fully clean the fence. After the fence has been cleaned, this is a good time to walk around the premises and check for any damage to the fence.

Another item to keep in mind for a busy commercial or industrial property is any gated entryway that may have a lot of daily use. Keep an eye on the hinges and locking mechanisms to ensure they are in full working order after any usual wear and tear.

By keeping the grounds in good order and the fence and gate clean, it will be easy to spot-check the protective powder coating so your fence can be in great shape for years to come.

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