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Whether you have small children or a four-legged member of the family, it’s important to keep them safe in the outdoor spaces of your property.

There are many considerations when planning out the outdoor spaces of a property. Where will you put outdoor furniture? How will you keep the security of the premises a top priority? What will daily life look like for those living on the property? There is one fencing type that can help with any concerns you may have, whether it’s the look of the outdoor space, the practicality of the space, or safety and security: aluminum fencing panels.

Aluminum Fence In Snow

The Design of the Panel

Aluminum fencing panels are designed with security in mind. Those beautiful metal fences you see are made up of multiple panels all attached together by posts. The posts themselves may also be aluminum, but they do not have to be. Aluminum panels can be attached to stone or brick posts as well.

Panels made of aluminum generally have a similar basic design. There are multiple vertical pickets all attached by horizontal bars. This design looks aesthetically pleasing and also keeps security in check. There are various ways you can create a more ornamental look with your fence by placing special finials, tops or other decor pieces.

Large Aluminum Fence with Puppy Pickets

Using Panels for Safety and Security

Aluminum fencing panels really can do so much for a yard. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but also add a level of safety and security for everyone on the premises. This is great news for any property owner, but especially those with young children or small animals who may be more vulnerable.

Children and pets alike have a tendency to wander to places they should not be. Having a strong and sturdy aluminum fence surrounding your property will help these members of the family stay within the safety boundaries of the yard. The previously mentioned design of aluminum panels ensures children cannot get through the fence. There’s also little room to climb over the fence since there aren’t enough footholds going up the side of it.

You may be wondering about the animals that live with you. Smaller dogs and puppies may be able to squeeze through the empty space between the pickets. This will depend on the size of your dog as well as your fence.

When you are ordering your fencing panels online, you get to choose the size as well as the look of the panel. When it comes to measuring, you aren’t only measuring the yard to find out how many panels you need, but you are also measuring how much empty space you want between the pickets.

Having less empty space between the pickets is often considered a way to make the yard more private from outsiders looking in, but this space can also help protect those inside from getting out. What happens if you have puppies or small dogs that can fit their way through this empty space but you don’t want a reduced sightline?

Aluminum fencing has a solution in the form of puppy panels. These panels have extra, shorter pickets on the bottom portion of the fence, allowing the top part of the fence to maintain wider spaces between pickets for that desired sightline. Keeping the smallest members of the family safe is easily attainable with a little planning and installing the right type of aluminum fencing.

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