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There are some key ways you can make your pool and property safer for anyone living on the premises or visiting for a relaxing pool day.

Having a pool on your property can make you quite the popular neighbor, family member, or friend. Not everyone has the pleasure of having a cool, crisp body of water on their property. If you are one of the lucky ones with a pool to jump into anytime you want, keep reading for ways to keep the area safe for everyone.

Check on Your Friends

Before anyone comes over for any type of gathering, it is important to have a conversation about their swimming ability, especially that of any young children or pets visiting. Having a pool is a major responsibility, and you should be on alert should anyone on the premises not be able to get themselves to safety if they happen to end up in the pool.

Having an aluminum pool fence around the pool area can help you rest easy knowing that the pool can be locked when not in use. That means any friends or family who are visiting will not have access unless an adult unlocks the area. Be sure to share any house rules with others, such as having adult supervision at the pool area and whether pets are allowed near the pool. Be sure to let everyone know who should be watched at all times near the pool.

Use What You Have

If you haven’t already invested in a pool fence, look into it now. An aluminum pool fence not only looks elegant but also gets the job done. You can lock the pool area so it is only open to people and pets when you deem it safe. A pool fence also allows you to keep within important rules and regulations regarding the size and safety of pool fences.

Once you have an aluminum pool fence on your property, use it! Try not to get complacent and leave the fence’s gate open and the pool unattended. It is important to use the fence and gate correctly to avoid any accidents or emergency situations.

Take Care of the Poolside

Your pool itself will likely have important upkeep and maintenance that needs to be taken care of. For chlorinated pools, the levels will need to be checked periodically, and any filters or vacuums will need to be kept in good repair. Similarly, the area around the pool’s edge should be kept clear and sightlines should be available to scan the pool for anyone in trouble.

The pool’s fence will also likely require some upkeep, but this is minimal when you go with aluminum fencing. The protective coating on the aluminum metal will prevent the metal from oxidizing, helping to keep it strong and sturdy season after season. Just give it a clean from time to time and check that the panels and parts still have the coating intact and that the locking mechanism on the gate is functioning.

Keeping the pool water, the poolside, and the pool fence in good condition can go a long way toward keeping you, your family, and anyone visiting the property safe from any accidents. It is up to you to ensure you have covered all the bases when it comes to pool safety.