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If you’re looking to replace your garden fence but are concerned about getting the most environmentally friendly option possible, you might think that your only choice is to get a wooden fence. However, this isn’t the case! If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly fence, an aluminum fence’s cost will be friendly to your wallet!

Aluminum Is More Environmentally Friendly Than Vinyl

If you’re tempted by the idea of a vinyl fence, don’t be! Vinyl fences are the cheap option for a number of reasons. While they might save you a bit of money upfront, buying products made from plastic isn’t doing the planet any favors – and won’t do your wallet any favors in the long term, either!

If you’re choosing a fence based on how friendly it is to the environment, vinyl isn’t the choice for you. Vinyl fences aren’t as durable as aluminum, and when they’re no longer usable, they’re destined to go in a landfill. This means that not only are you contributing to environmental pollution when you throw them away, but you’re ultimately hurting your long-term finances by having to spend more on garden fences over the years.

Aluminum Is Durable

While the initial aluminum fence cost might be higher than the cost of a wooden or vinyl one, buying an aluminum fence will save you money in the long term. Neither vinyl nor wooden fences are as durable as aluminum fences. This means that they will need more upkeep while you have them and will also need to be replaced more frequently.

Where a wooden fence is likely to quickly begin to look old and tired when subjected to poor weather conditions (e.g. heavy rains, winds, snow), an aluminum fence is durable and strong enough to stay looking new for a very long time. This means you’ll have to spend less time on upkeep in order to have an inviting garden. The sturdiness of aluminum also means that it’s far less likely to be damaged in stormy conditions.

Aluminum Is Recyclable

The initial aluminum fence cost outlay might seem steep, but you can rest assured that your money will be well spent. Once again, aluminum is an extremely durable material. While an aluminum fence is likely to last you for many years, eventually all good things must come to an end. However, unlike vinyl fences, which are doomed to go into a landfill at the end of their lives, you can rest assured that your aluminum fence will have a good afterlife.

Aluminum is a brilliantly easy material to recycle. Over the past century, more than a billion tons of aluminum have been produced, of which over 75% is still in use today! Aluminum can be recycled an infinite number of times, making it one of the most environmentally friendly materials you could use.

If you’re concerned about your impact on the environment, aluminum could be the best material for you. It won’t cost you a large amount of money to initially purchase – and you can easily recycle your fence after it’s no longer useful, meaning that it won’t cost the earth, either! For an environmentally friendly, durable purchase, choose an aluminum fence.