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If you’re looking for fencing to surround a gated community, you’ll want a fence that combines the security your residents expect with elegant, homely aesthetics. Aluminum industrial fencing isn’t just for industry! Aluminum offers a superb combination of elegance and security that makes it the ideal surrounding for any residential gated community.

The three main appealing factors of aluminum industrial fencing for gated communities are its safety, its durability and its aesthetic appeal.

1. Safety

Aluminum fences are one of the safest types of fences you can install. This means that residents living in a gated community will be guaranteed the level of security they’ve come to expect. Here are some of the features of aluminum fences have that enabled them to keep residents safe.

Industrial fences are difficult for any potential intruders to scale. This is because they come in a height of ten feet tall as standard. In addition to their imposing height, you can choose to add additional features, like sunburst arches, to your gates, making them look extra stylish as well as extra safe.

You’ll be safe from intruders coming from underground as well as above. Unlike some traditional wooden fences, aluminum fences are extremely difficult to dig under. This means that any uninvited furry visitors, like local dogs, won’t be able to dig their way in.

The final great feature of aluminum fences is that they’re highly secure while still giving you lots of visibility when needed. The combination of gaps between the aluminum bars and easy-to-install privacy panels means you can ensure your community has the exact level of privacy your residents want.

2. Durability

Although wooden fences may look pretty, they don’t last very long. If you install a wooden fence, your residents are likely to find themselves paying expenses related to its upkeep and repair fairly frequently. Installing an aluminum fence around your gated community will mean you don’t have to worry about this problem.

Aluminum is an incredibly durable material, which means that it is resistant to all types of weather. Even heavy rain or snowfall won’t cause immediately obvious damage to your fence’s paintwork, and the sturdy nature of aluminum means that you can be sure your fence will stay standing tall in even the fiercest of storms.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Aluminum fences are the perfect proof that an industrial level of security doesn’t have to come with an unpleasantly industrial atmosphere. In fact, the highly customizable nature of aluminum fences means that you’ll easily be able to make your gated community pleasant for any residents and invited visitors to look at.

It’s simple to customize an aluminum fence. Industrial sizing doesn’t have to mean a drab, industrial feel! It’s easy to choose the perfect color for your aluminum fence – whether you want a traditional silver, sleek black, or forest green look, the choice is yours! It’s easy to find a shade of aluminum-friendly, weather-resistant paint that will really brighten up your gated community.

If you’re looking to install a new fence around your gated community, why not consider aluminum? Industrial fencing offers you a high level of security without giving your home an unnecessarily industrial atmosphere.