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If you’re a fan of interior design, you’ve likely spent time planning what every room in your house looks like. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary, Scandinavian-inspired design or you want something traditional and cozy, you’re likely to have designed your home around a theme. However, it’s easy to end up with a theme that works throughout the inside of your home yet also has a garden that just doesn’t quite fit. Here are three great tips for how you can make your garden match the rest of your home.

Choose the Right Fence

One of the key things to do when working on a garden design project is to make sure you choose a fence that matches your house. Your home begins right down at the bottom of your driveway, so why not surround your home with an eye-catching aluminum fence? Whether you’re a fan of contemporary or traditional design, an aluminum fence is a great choice for your home. Residential aluminum fences are easy to install and require minimal upkeep. They are also easy to paint in a range of colors, so you can choose any color palette to match your style. Whether you want a minimalist, natural grey, or a vibrant shade like orange or yellow, it’s easy to customize an aluminum fence so it matches the rest of your home.

Pick Some Feature Pieces

Surrounding your garden with a fence is important for both design and security reasons, but fences aren’t just for the perimeter of your yard. If you’re looking for a feature piece to make sure your garden has a feel that’s truly individual to you, a feature fence could be a great choice. Feature fences are easy to customize depending on what atmosphere you want your garden to have. You could put up a feature fence or pergola and cover it with climbing plants, making it a great place for you to sit in shade on sunny summer days. Other feature pieces you might want to think about including are water features such as ponds and fountains, which will give your garden a refreshing air even if you live in a busy, urban area.

Select Plants to Suit Your Style

Finally, remember that your garden can be a home for nature. If you look around in nature, you’ll see that plants come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing plants in types, scents, and colors that match your style can really bring an element of personalization into your home. If you’re a keen home cook, why not try your hand at cultivating your own herbs and edible plants like carrots or potatoes? If you’re a fan of bright, bold colors, why not plant sunflowers or bluebells? If you’re a fan of classic design, you can’t go wrong with roses; choose from red, white, pink, or some more unusual colors.

No matter what your style is, there’s a way for you to bring your garden to life and make it match the rest of your home. You don’t have to hide your personal tastes behind your closed front door. Bring them out into the open and make your garden all your own!