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Aluminum is a popular alternative to iron fencing and is a low-maintenance and durable solution for your home or business.

An aluminum fence costs less than iron, and it requires less maintenance than a wrought iron structure. The good news is that it’s light and flexible, and while it may not be quite as strong as iron, it is still a very effective fencing material. If you’re looking for a stronger alternative, you could consider a steel fence. One of the most appealing fencing materials, aluminum gives your home curb appeal, and if you are choosing a fence for your commercial property, it certainly makes the premises appealing and professional for clients and visitors.

An Aluminum Fence Is Largely Maintenance-Free

One of the biggest advantages of an aluminum fence is the fact that it requires very little in the way of maintenance. The pricing depends on the quality of fence you want, so it is suitable for all budgets. The aluminum fence cost will be decided by the size of that yard that needs to be enclosed and the amount of materials and labor used.

What Can Aluminum Fencing Be Used For?

Homeowners who have larger properties and spacious land will want to erect appealing and eye-catching estate gates to make their home a showstopper. If you have a pool in the rear yard, aluminum fencing is suitable for use as an enclosure. Some property owners choose aluminum for hand railings to give their homes a high-quality finish.

Aluminum Is Used in Apartment Complex Fencing

Aluminum is a popular choice for apartment complex fencing as there are a number of areas where it can be used, including the pool or outdoor areas, parking lot and security perimeters. Ensuring this is sturdy and secure will give complex owners peace of mind, along with the couples, singles and families who rent apartments.

Fencing for Schools and Parking Lots

Fences are erected around schools for security purposes, and a strong and secure structure is paramount for staff and students. Aluminum is once again a great choice as it is low-maintenance for groundskeepers and will stand up to all weather.

Commercial and Industrial Fencing

From outer perimeters to inner areas such as walkways and parking lots, aluminum fencing gives a warm and welcoming appeal while also providing good sight lines for outgoing and incoming vehicles and work trucks. There is a good range of styles and coloring in aluminum fencing that will complement any brand or logo. Sturdiness is an added bonus, as factories will require a strong material to withstand a heavy volume of pedestrian traffic. The aluminum fence cost will depend on a range of factors, such as the size of the premises and the surface area requiring an enclosure.

Other Factors That Will Influence the Price

The height, style of fencing and complexity of the work will also influence the cost. A slope in the landscape, whether it’s industrial or residential, will have an impact on the price. Obstructions such as trees could make installation more challenging, but if the landscaping lends itself to adaptability, this can easily be an option. The square footage, shape of the area, and the time of year may also influence the cost