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There are many different grades of aluminum fencing, from residential to commercial to industrial. Fencing for homeowners is durable but also light enough to be versatile. Homeowners are spoiled for choice when it comes to matching a fence with the home. With curb appeal in mind, many are overwhelmed and surprised by the styles, colors, and decorative options available, including flat-topped and spear-topped. The bonus is that installation is easy and can be carried out relatively quickly. Residential uses include yards, swimming pool enclosures, and keeping pets safe and separated from visitors. Various height options are available in fences, depending on what you require. Some styles of fences are recommended for securing a pool area, which means panels are flat along the bottom to meet pool fence laws. It’s always best to check local laws and consider carefully what you require.

Where Is Commercial Fencing Used?

A commercial aluminum fence provides protection for your business while adding aesthetic appeal, as it has impressive durability and is strong while giving off an attractive, sleek appearance. A commercial aluminum fence is chosen by companies that require more strength than a residential-level fence. The fences usually come in varying heights with wider panels. Some examples of settings that use commercial fencing are shopping centers, restaurants, diners and coffee shops, parks, schools, factories, cemeteries, places of worship, and apartment complexes.

The Commercial Fence Should Be in Keeping With Your Professional Image

The choice of the fence should convey a professional image of the business and be in line with the brand. Industry professionals may wish to choose a color and style that is reminiscent of the logo and blends in well with the ethos or motto. Given that business premises require strong security measures at all times, a commercial fence, whether automated or manual, can add an extra layer of protection.

Robust Fencing Can Protect Workers Against Accidents

Prevention of hazards and accidents is also essential in business and lawsuits can be costly for all parties involved, so it is in the company’s best interests to protect workers. A fence will clearly show divisions between various parts of the factory, and it also plays an important role in preventing staff and visitors from wandering into hazardous areas or areas where heavy transportation is coming and going.

Quality Commercial Fencing Can Act as a Safety Net

Commercial fencing should also be robust enough to provide a safety net for vehicles, forklifts, or trucks. If the fencing is poor in quality or worn in parts, a heavy vehicle could easily permeate the fence and potentially cause a major incident, leading to injuries or loss of life. This is why it’s essential for businesses to opt for a strong and reliable fencing system of the highest-quality materials.

The Commercial Fence Can Also Add Aesthetic Appeal

A commercial aluminum fence delivers an exquisite ornamental design that will add a touch of aesthetic appeal to a business while also ensuring security needs are met. The fences are durable and thankfully low-maintenance, negating the need to use wrought iron. They are resistant to rust and are versatile, matching different budgets and project types.