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An industrial fence can ensure business premises are secure, and it can also add aesthetic appeal with the extra design features.

Black Industrial Fence with Designer Pressed Spears

Given the increase in intruders and theft, security fencing is becoming more and more important for industries. It’s estimated that every minute, three to four burglaries occur in the U.S. Businesses should be prepared and protected against potential intruders who will enter the premises with the aim of causing damage or stealing equipment and valuables. There are plenty of important measures that can be taken to prevent unauthorized access to the premises.

A good security system should be installed and maintained, and it’s a good idea to think like a burglar and check your strategies that you have put in place in order to deter thieves. A quick check can identify possible weaknesses that may make your premises a soft or vulnerable target. If you don’t have secure industrial fencing, for example, this could be the weak link that gives intruders easy access to the buildings.

A High Fence will Protect Against Unauthorized Access

Burglars will go to any length to steal or destroy, and they will often disable security alarms or cut wires. Therefore, you need to ensure their quest to enter your premises does not succeed. Their actions can be distressing, especially if they gain access and steal or cause hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of damage. If you want to protect your company from theft and damage, a high industrial fence is the answer. Not only is it functional, but a fence also offers plenty of aesthetic appeal with the range of designs available, from traditional to contemporary with classic spear top, flat top with spear, an alternating spear top and a flat top with standard bottom rail. There are also options for a flat top double picket or spear top double picket, a flat top fence with flush bottom rail, or a two-rail flat top.

Black Industrial Aluminum Fence with Designer Pressed Spears

Good Fencing Can Deter People fromUsing the Premises as a Shortcut

A fence that is noticeable and authoritative as well as high will give a good level of protection, and these should measure around 4 feet to 6 feet in height. The fence can also deter people from simply using the premises as a shortcut, which could result in an accident or injuries. Good fencing in the appropriate areas will ensure staff and visitors will not enter dangerous areas or parts of the factory where transportation is in use and heavy machinery is present.

A Fence Can Compliment the Security System

An industrial fence should compliment a security system, and the height and style will depend on individual preference as well as the branding and whether or not the colors should be incorporated into the boundaries. Municipal buildings may have specific regulations pertaining to how tall the fence must be. Before beginning work on fencing, all local codes and regulations should be checked thoroughly to avoid making costly mistakes. Businesses often opt for a high-quality video surveillance system in addition to fencing as this gives an extra layer of security to your facility. Entrances and exits, as well as sensitive areas of the organization, should be covered by the CCTV, and the fencing should be particularly robust in these areas.