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Double driveway gates are the first glimpse people get of your home when approaching, so having a chic entrance is essential for homeowners.

Commercial Estate Gate - Style 2 - angled view

You don’t need to compromise on design when choosing an aluminum driveway gate as there are so many options on the market that will appear attractive to new and prospective homeowners. Offering a sleek and modern touch, new gates will certainly look impressive and will serve as a statement piece for the discerning homeowner. With so many designs to choose from, with added decorative options, the gates will not only look sophisticated, but they will certainly maintain security and privacy.

Will They Keep Out Intruders?

Homeowners will want to ensure they do everything in their power to protect their property from intruders. With burglaries and intrusion a common problem across the country, people are becoming more and more security-conscious, and driveway gates will certainly make the break-in much more difficult. The gates effectively create a barrier and they will make a burglar’s job difficult. Security and elegance go hand in hand, and this security feature can be matched with CCTV or alarms.

What Maintenance Will I Be Required to Carry Out?

Maintenance and possible deterioration are two issues that can affect gates. However, with an aluminum driveway gate, there is little to no work required to keep them in mint condition. Whether they are driveway gates, pedestrian gates, side entrance gates or garden gates to your backyard, they are all low maintenance, and aluminum itself is a lightweight and pleasing material. They are certainly in demand nowadays, and homeowners enjoy them as an alternative to a heavy metal or even a wooden gate that will be more prone to rot.

Estate Gate with Type B Gold Finials

Why Should I Choose Aluminum Gates for My Home?

At a glance, some of the key advantages of aluminum gates are their strength, lightweight nature, durability and competitive prices. In addition to being low-maintenance, they are fully weather-resistant and provide plenty of style and elegance. There are so many positive aspects to choosing aluminum gates for your driveway, and they are a great long-term investment.

Aluminum Gates Are Reasonably Priced for Homeowners

Those seeking a reasonably priced solution for the long term for their property may worry that the gates are beginning to sound too expensive. This is not the case, however, and when you factor in longevity and little to no maintenance, you will find that choosing aluminum driveway gates is the smart choice. You won’t need to re-stain or paint over the gates to ensure they remain presentable as aluminum will keep its newness.

Although it’s a lightweight material that isn’t as strong as steel, the anti-corrosion element is what draws homeowners to the gates. Wooden gates can warp and rot in inclement weather, and when exposed to extremes, they will begin to show wear and tear. Wooden gates will need to be replaced once they begin to show signs of age, and this can be costly for homeowners. Regardless of whether your choice is a smart double-swing driveway gate or a pedestrian gate, you won’t be disappointed, and you won’t have to carry out too much maintenance. Choosing decorative options, such as a spear top, is an interesting and informative experience and you can match the gate design to your home. Whether you are moving or simply improving, driveway gates add value and style.