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Commercial fence panels aimed at businesses, apartments, restaurants and public buildings are heavier and much more durable than your typical home-style panels that suit estate properties. Stronger fence panels are ideal for buildings where strength is required, such as schools and colleges, but aesthetics are important, too, and the aim of the fence is to give a neighborhood-friendly appearance. Apartment complexes for seniors is one example where robust fencing is seen. 

Where Are Commercial-Style Fences Most Commonly Used?

There are so many great uses for commercial fencing. The settings for this type of fencing are varied and include schools, shopping centers, churches, public swimming pools, apartments, factories, cemeteries, industrial buildings, amusement parks, restaurants, and recreation facilities. These buildings are often in places where there is a high volume of traffic, which means that solid and reliable fencing is required. These places also require additional security measures to be implemented, so fencing can go a long way toward helping to keep employees, visitors, staff, students and the public safe and free from harm.

What Is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Fencing?

Commercial aluminum fences have larger pickets and rails than property-style fences. They offer increased security and safety around home and community pools, and they significantly increase curb appeal as well as the value of the house. A commercial fence is an investment to last that will provide security and a visual deterrent for intruders for many years to come. Commercial aluminum fence panels are hard-wearing and enjoy longevity, and they are stronger than residential panels. The apartment complex fencing falls under the commercial banner, so residents are assured of a safe environment when the surround is in place.

A Low-Maintenance Option for Retirement Complexes

Aluminum is the perfect low-maintenance option if you want to erect commercial fencing. Some businesses and corporations prefer panels for privacy, but there are other options, including a split rail, which will not compromise the view. With various options to suit different public buildings and industries, it is simple to customize the fencing to meet your individual needs and requirements. 

Hard-wearing aluminum will not corrode or rust like iron and steel, and it is capable of withstanding inclement weather. With different styles that will blend in well with a retirement complex logo, it’s an affordable and easily achievable way to increase curb appeal. Aluminum has the strength of iron fencing, even though it is a lighter material. The surface is also aesthetically pleasing and resistant to corrosion. It’s also straightforward to install for the team completing the commercial aluminum fence panels, and there should be little to no interruptions in the project, even if it is a major fencing job.

Aluminum Fencing Is Used for Retirement Complexes

At an age when people require more help in their daily lives, aluminum fencing panels provide a great solution for retirement complexes. The safety and security of residents is essential, and their welfare deserves top priority. Fencing will prevent residents with memory issues from wandering out of the complex and putting themselves in danger. A fence can provide a robust security solution but it can also appear aesthetically pleasing, enabling the residents to still feel very much at home in their retirement complex.