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Black Aluminum Fence with Blank Post and Horizontal Swivel Mounts

You’ve got your shiny, new aluminum fence around your property or business, and it looks super sophisticated. But just how do you keep it looking this way?

The great news is that aluminum fencing is a fantastic choice, requiring less upkeep and maintenance than other types of metal or wooden fences. Although they capture a similar look to wrought iron fencing, aluminum fences do not corrode or oxidize. This makes them resistant to damage caused by weather or climate and an ideal choice for states where weather conditions can be extreme. 

Aluminum fencing also has a powder coating, which means a special protective finish is applied to the metal. The aluminum is treated with an electrostatically charged dry powder and then heated, causing the particles to melt to create a smooth coating. This low-solvent approach is not only better for the environment; it also gives the fencing greater protection from rust, corrosion, chipping, and peeling.

The good news is that you’ve made an excellent choice, and your aluminum fencing is likely to need little to no maintenance. Nevertheless, here are three simple tips to help keep your fences looking as good as the day you first got them.

Give it a regular cleaning

Aluminum fences are famously easy to clean. Powder-coated aluminum does not rust, so it is perfectly fine to use water and gentle cleaning products to keep the fence free from dust and dirt. Give your fences a cleaning with dish soap and warm water at least twice a year – maybe in spring and autumn on either side of the busy summer season – to keep them looking great. Use your garden hose to wash it all down first before cleaning any dirt spots, dust, or grass clippings. You may want to use a soft-bristled brush for tougher marks. This process can also be used to remove any algae that grows on your aluminum, especially if the fence is close to a pond or pool. It is not recommended to use power washers on metal fencing. 

Avoid obstacles that could damage your fencing

Aluminum fencing is extremely tough and durable but ensuring there are no obstructions that could damage it will help preserve its new-fence look. Try to keep trees a safe distance away from your aluminum fencing, so that roots do not push up from underneath it and cause the metal to warp. It is advisable to try to keep shrubs away from your fencing, too. Ensure large rocks are far enough away from your fencing that they do not cause any scratches, and never store piles of heavy materials nearby to avoid them falling on the fences. It is also important to make sure gates and fastenings remain closed and are not left swinging in the wind to avoid any unnecessary damage. 

Carry out an annual inspection

Although you can rest assured that your aluminum fencing will stand the test of time, it is a good idea to carry out a regular inspection. Check if you need to oil any squeaky parts or tighten any loose connections. A regular once-over of your fencing means any issues can be dealt with swiftly before they escalate. Finding any small issues early and dealing with them right away can save you money in the long term.