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Bamboozled by some of the terms associated with aluminum fence decorations? Do you know your finials from your puppy pickets? Your ball caps from your picket tops? 

When it comes to installing an aluminum fence around your home, the design opportunities are unlimited. This is, in fact, one of many key benefits of aluminum fencing. Not only is it easy to install and maintenance free, but you can create a stylish design that rivals iron or steel at a fraction of the price and is certain to last for years to come. 

However, many of us may not be completely familiar with all the decorations you can add to your new aluminum fencing. Here is our straightforward guide to some of the design features you may come across when creating your new fence.

Ball Cap

A ball cap is a decorative cap that goes on top of a fence post and features an ornamental ball. 

Butterfly Scrolls

These are ornate aluminum decorations that can be added to an aluminum fence panel to provide interest and finesse. They are sometimes referred to as small scrolls. Their design incorporates a scroll shape with curved ends, reminiscent of the shape of a butterfly’s wings.


A finial is a decorative ornament or shape usually found at the very top of a structure. They are a popular architectural feature and can also be added to an aluminum fence panel to add a regal and ornate feel. When it comes to aluminum fencing, a finial is an aluminum vertical picket top decoration that can seriously upgrade the look of your design.

Flat Top

A flat top aluminum fence panel sees the vertical pickets stop at the top rail. Flat top styles can create a sleek and contemporary look.

Picket Tops

These are added to the top of a vertical picket to add interest. Common choices include a spear shape, a flat cap option and a fleur de lys.

Puppy Pickets

Puppy pickets, or short pickets, are primarily designed to be functional. Located at the base of a fence panel, puppy pickets are used to keep dogs and other small animals from escaping through the fence. They can also be used to add visual interest and better security to a property.

Rings of Distinction

Another popular architectural detail, rings can be added to an aluminum fence panel to help make your fencing stand out. In design, circles are usually associated with harmony and togetherness. Adding them to your fencing can add a warm and welcoming vibe to your home or business.

Aluminum fencing is usually powder coated, but you may be asked what kind of finish you want to achieve. A gloss powder coat finish will give your aluminum fence panels a smooth and shiny finish, while a matte or satin powder coat paint gives a non-glossy and textured finish.

Aluminum fencing can make a real impact around your home and can boost your home’s curb appeal. Make sure you take the time to explore all of the design options available to you and create a fence style that really reflects you and your home. After all, aluminum fencing is so durable and long lasting that it is likely to be a feature around your home for a very long time. Make sure you choose a design you love!