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For many, industrial aluminum fencing is considered the best in the fence world. Heavier and denser than its residential and commercial counterparts, industrial fencing is what you use when next-level security is required. Here is a guide to industrial aluminum fencing and why you might choose it.

How does an industrial aluminum fence differ from commercial or aluminum fencing?

Residential fencing is the lightest aluminum fence on offer and is usually enough for most people to use around the perimeter of their home or swimming pool. Commercial-grade aluminum fencing is stronger and sturdier and is usually found around businesses and shops, apartment complexes, parking lots, and schools. But industrial aluminum fencing is the highest level of fencing, boasting thicker material, vertical pickets, and horizontal rails. It usually comes in the tallest options, with industrial aluminum fence panel heights of 7, 8, and 10 feet available.

What are the benefits of industrial aluminum fencing?

There are several key benefits of industrial aluminum fencing, which make it such a popular choice for businesses and warehouses.

• Enhanced security – The main benefit of industrial aluminum fencing is the security it affords your business or warehouse. Not only is it available at greater heights to help keep would-be intruders out, but it is also heavier and thicker. This makes it so much stronger and more adept at keeping people away from your business. Combined with alarm systems and CCTV, it can help to prevent burglaries and vandalism and is difficult for intruders to scale. You can also fully customize industrial fencing to add pickets or spear tops, some of which can further boost security by acting as an additional deterrent. 

• Increased security – There are many procedures to put in place to keep staff safe while at work, particularly in a factory or workplace setting. One of these is a perimeter fence. Industrial-grade aluminum fencing provides a high level of security and can help to keep workers safe.

• Better privacy – The greater heights available in industrial fencing means you can keep your business a bit more hidden away from prying eyes.

• Great aesthetic – It may be strong, but it can still be beautiful. You can choose to add details such as fence rings and scrolls, sunburst arches, and gates. None of the aesthetic quality of an aluminum fence is lost here; industrial fencing will still look sophisticated, giving a great first impression to visitors to your business.

Industrial - Style 7 - Flat Top Double Picket + RINGS

Is industrial aluminum fencing more expensive, and if so, why should I choose it for my business?

Due to its increased strength and thickness, industrial aluminum fencing does carry a greater price tag than the lighter residential and commercial offerings. However, for business owners, adding industrial-grade aluminum fencing to their business can make sound financial sense for several reasons. First, increased security can mean fewer break-ins, which can cost time and money. Aluminum fencing is also sure to stand the test of time, meaning it is an investment that will soon pay for itself. Aluminum does not oxidize, rust, or corrode and requires very little maintenance. Just a wash-down with water once in a while is enough to ensure your aluminum fence will stay looking good for decades to come.