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Driveway gates enhance the security and privacy of your home. An easy way to boost your home’s curb appeal, they offer a smart and sophisticated look that is sure to impress visitors and passers-by. However, choosing driveway gates can be a daunting prospect. Here are five things you should consider when making a decision.

What material is best for my new driveway gates?

Aluminum is an increasingly popular option for those who want to add security and curb appeal to their home. Not only is aluminum strong and durable, but it is also hugely popular thanks to the fact it is extremely low maintenance. Aluminum is a non-ferrous metal that is not affected by weather or climate and does not rust, corrode or oxidize. This means aluminum driveway gates need little repair or upkeep, except for a wash down with a hose every so often. Aluminum driveway gates will last for decades to come, with some experts believing the material can last for 50 years or more.

What is my main reason for getting driveway gates?

Understanding your motivation for getting a driveway gate will help to drive your decision-making and dictate the areas in which you should focus the most time and money. If you are getting driveway gates purely for aesthetic reasons, spend time exploring your decorative options. If security is your main concern, you need to decide whether you would benefit from using residential, commercial, or industrial-grade aluminum. Your reasons for getting the gate should always be kept at the forefront of your mind while making decisions. 

Are there any rules or regulations determining what I can use?

While choosing your new aluminum gates, it is essential to check with your neighborhood’s homeowner’s association, local authority or state if there are any rules and regulations in place when it comes to gates and fences. Some neighborhoods have restrictions in place on height, scale, and style in order to maintain the look of the area. Always check if you are affected by any local restrictions. Checking early will help you to avoid the cost and upheaval of having to redo the job if it does not meet standards.

Do I want a manual or automatic gates?

Automatic gates are a popular choice right now, allowing you to control access to your home from inside your house or your car. Aluminum driveway gates can be automated thanks to the addition of a motorized arm to your gate. 

Industrial Double Swing Driveway Gate Alternating Pickets

What look am I going for?

As the first thing visitors to your home see, the look and design of your driveway gates is very important, whether it is your primary motivation for having them or not. Take time to look at different options to find out what would complement your property most. You can add curves, finials, scrolls, or puppy pickets; the design options with aluminum gates are impressive. 

You should also consider which color is going to suit your home best. Black creates a traditional and modern appearance, while white gates can be more classic American. You could opt for a khaki green or subtle bronze to help your new gate blend into your surroundings. Take time to look at your decorative options to find the driveway gates that really reflect you and your home.