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Aluminum fencing is a great idea at any time of year, but do not think of fence installation as one of those jobs that have to be put off until springtime. Here’s why fall may actually be the ideal time to install new aluminum fencing around your home and garden. 

Fall offers the right conditions

DIYing an aluminum fence is a perfectly achievable task for most people, especially if you plan and prepare in advance. The task is always made easier when it is done in the right conditions. With its cooler but mild, crisp days, fall may actually provide the ideal conditions to get the job done. It does not subject you to the sweltering temperatures we often experience in summer, nor does it see you having to tackle solid, frozen ground as you may if you install an aluminum fence panel in winter. It is always best to avoid extreme weather conditions when erecting a fence, so times of plummeting temperatures, extremely heavy rainfall, and soaring temperatures should be avoided as they may render the job almost impossible. 

Fall offers the right landscape

During the spring months, our gardens are just beginning to burst into life, while in summer, they are in full bloom. As fall progresses, much of the landscape begins to become more dormant. This means that it provides a more stripped-back setting in which to begin your fence installation when damage to your plants and shrubs is less likely. Fall is a good time to prune back any bushes, and you may find moving them to make way for an aluminum fence panel and post can be an easier process. Installing your new aluminum fence in fall also means everything will be in place for spring when you can plant new greenery and give it a chance to get established in time for summer.

It will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space come spring and summer

Installing your fence in fall means you will be able to reap the rewards of your hard work by enjoying your outdoor space more in spring and summer. Doing the work in fall means that by the time spring comes, the main structure of your garden will be in place and you can begin to start planting again in spring. If you are installing an aluminum pool fence, doing the work in the fall means you will be able to dive straight in come spring and summer. Fall installation also means you probably will not have to disrupt any outdoor activities while you carry out the work.

Your home will be looking great in time for the holiday season

Aluminum fencing can create a sophisticated aesthetic for your home. Installing your fencing in fall ensures visitors to your home for the busy holiday season, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, will be greeted by a neat, tidy, and impressive sight. During the winter months, when the gardens are bare, you may also lose a degree of privacy in your home. Your new aluminum fencing can be installed in the fall to ensure your privacy is given a boost in time for winter.

Although spring may be considered the time to get home improvement jobs done, fall can also be the perfect time to install your new aluminum fence.