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How much do you really know about aluminum fencing? Here are four of the most common aluminum fencing myths. 

Myth 1: Aluminum is too light to make solid, durable fencing

When we think of aluminum, we often think of lightweight objects such as soda cans. It is true that aluminum is one of the lighter metals, but do not confuse lighter with weaker. Aluminum is still a strong metal that is ideal for fencing around your home, business, or pool. In fact, its lightweight nature should be seen as one of its main advantages, making it easy to install and mold into different shapes and leaving it capable of withstanding high winds. 

Aluminum fencing is also less likely to be weakened by issues such as rust or corrosion, as it is resistant to both. If you are still not convinced, do not forget that you can opt for different grades of aluminum fencing, such as residential, commercial, and industrial. If you want a stronger aluminum fence around your home, why not opt for commercial or industrial fencing instead?

Large Industrial Estate Gate - Alaska

Myth 2: Aluminum fencing does not last

Perhaps because of its lightweight nature, many people wrongly believe aluminum fencing will not last. However, experts believe well-constructed, high-quality aluminum fencing can last for as long as 50 years, if not more. As a non-ferrous metal, aluminum does not rust and is not weakened by rust as the year’s pass. Aluminum fencing also usually has a special powder-coated layer that prevents scratches and scuffs. It means aluminum fencing requires little to no maintenance and will not need to be repainted. 

Myth 3: Aluminum fencing does not look stylish

It is true that wrought iron, steel, or wooden gates look beautiful around your home or business, but those who believe aluminum does not look good have simply never explored the available style options. There is a huge array of looks that can be achieved using aluminum. You can choose extra features for your aluminum panel fence, such as finials, decorative scrolls, sunburst arches, and puppy pickets. And who says aluminum fencing has to be black? While black fencing looks smart and sophisticated, there are plenty of other stylish color options including bronze, khaki and traditional white. You can also select from glossy satin or matte finishes.

Myth 4: Aluminum fencing is too expensive

This is false. Aluminum is a cost-effective option, especially compared to wrought iron or steel. However, even if its initial price tag is relatively higher, you need to consider its longevity and the fact that it requires little to no maintenance. You will not need to regularly repaint or repair an aluminum panel fence, saving money in the future. An aluminum fence can also be expected to last decades. A one-off investment in aluminum fencing certainly pays off in the long term.

There are many myths surrounding aluminum fencing. However, with just a little research, it soon becomes clear that many are simply misconceptions, often based on the fact that aluminum is a lightweight material. Do not confuse lightweight with weak. After all, there must be a reason so many people are now opting for aluminum fencing for their homes or business.