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It may have the word industrial in it, but industrial aluminum fencing does not have to be reserved solely for huge warehouses or sprawling plants. In fact, there are many occasions when you may opt to use industrial metal fencing in a non-industrial setting. Apartment complexes, commercial outlets, and even residential properties may all benefit from industrial-grade aluminum fencing. As with residential and commercial aluminum fencing, the boundaries are fluid and the decision often depends on personal choice.

Whether you should use industrial aluminum fencing depends on several key factors. Here are three questions to consider when making that decision.

What level of security does the premises need?

Industrial aluminum fencing is the top choice when it comes to security. They are the toughest, strongest, and heaviest of all aluminum fences. Consider what level of security you need around your property. Some commercial properties where money is often held on the premises or that experience lots of footfall may opt for industrial metal fencing over commercial fencing just for added security. 

When it comes to residential properties, the decision depends on two factors. First, does your home demand such a level of security? You may feel this is the case because of the value of your home or because you live in an area where crime levels are high. Second, you need to find out if there are any homeowner’s association rules and regulations in force that will prevent you from installing taller and thicker industrial fencing. Security is usually the main factor in choosing industrial-grade fencing.

Can my budget allow for industrial metal fencing?

Industrial aluminum fencing does carry a higher price tag than its residential and commercial counterparts. This is because it is taller, thicker, and heavier. However, do not forget that aluminum fencing can last as long as 50 years or more. As a nonferrous metal, aluminum is unaffected by moisture and should not rust or oxidize. It also has a special powder coating that does not scratch or scuff. This means aluminum fencing is an extremely low-maintenance fencing option that will require little to no upkeep over the years. Thanks to its longevity, an investment in industrial aluminum fencing is likely to prove very cost-effective in the future.

Industrial 2-Rail Flat Top - Style 10

Will the style complement my property?

While industrial aluminum fencing may have thicker and taller panels, the good news is that it can still look attractive and stylish. Most of the design features you can get with residential aluminum fencing remain an option when it comes to industrial-grade fences. This means you can choose the color, style, and any decorative additions in the same way you would with residential or aluminum fencing. While its increased security and size may conjure images of big, heavy, and looming fence panels, industrial aluminum fencing can still look sophisticated and stylish.

Ultimately, whether you opt for industrial fencing depends on personal choice. The main deciding factor is the level of security you want. This, along with the budget, will determine whether you should invest in it around a non-industrial property. If it brings you added peace of mind and you can afford it, there is often no good reason not to opt for industrial aluminum fencing.