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Aluminum fences and gates are now available in a kaleidoscope of different colors, but when we think of aluminum fencing, it is often a shiny black fence that immediately springs to mind. This is certainly not a bad thing, however. Here are five reasons an aluminum fence in black is always a great choice.

1. Black never goes out of fashion

Color trends come and go, but black never goes out of style. This means an investment in black industrial, residential or commercial fencing in aluminum is likely to stand the test of time aesthetically. Trendier choices may have a more limited shelf life, but black never gets old, meaning you won’t want to repaint or replace it any time soon. A timeless black fence is also unlikely to ever look old-fashioned, bringing a modern style to your home or business.

Black Aluminum Estate Gate

2. It suits every type of property

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld once said: “One is never overdressed or underdressed in a little black dress.” The same can be said about black fencing; a black aluminum fence can suit so many different types of properties, from homes and apartment complexes to businesses, schools, and parking lots. It can work for fancier establishments as well as those seeking a more laid-back vibe.

3. It goes with everything

In the world of fashion, black goes with almost every other color, and the same is true in the world of fencing. Whether the building you are fencing is darker in tone (such as gray, anthracite, or black) or lighter (white, cream, or beige), black fencing will undoubtedly work. It complements darker colors, while it can provide a striking and welcoming contrast against lighter colors.

Black Aluminum Fence - Flat Top Standard Bottom Rail

4. It looks smart

It is no surprise that so many businesses opt for black commercial fencing in aluminum. It can give your company an added air of professionalism and sophistication. We all know how important a first impression is, especially in business, so you need to be sure your fencing – which is usually the first thing visiting customers see – is on point. Black is classic, smart and timeless, all of which are attributes you want people to view your business as possessing. 

5. Black can hide dirt and dust

Aluminum fencing is known as being very low maintenance. As a non-ferrous metal, it requires minimal upkeep because it does not rust or oxidize in the same way as other metals do. You will not have to repaint or repair it often. However, aluminum fencing does still require a regular wash down with a hose to remove dirt and dust. Black fencing may be more adept at hiding dirt, which means you don’t have to wash it as often and it will look great for longer.

Why aluminum?

Aluminum is a great choice for homes and businesses thanks to its durability, the huge array of style options it affords, and its longevity. Experts believe aluminum fencing can last for decades. This means an investment in aluminum fencing will certainly pay off in the long run. If you are looking to add new fencing, replace an existing structure or repaint your current aluminum fencing, black is a great choice. Black aluminum fencing goes with every type of property, looks smart, and will never go out of fashion.