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When we think of aluminum fencing, it is often a shiny black fence that first springs to mind. Aluminum fencing now comes in a wide variety of colors, and while black is always going to be popular, there are also many reasons white is an excellent choice of fence color as well. The traditional white picket fence may not be quite so common these days, but don’t rule it out. 

Here are five reasons you might want to choose a white aluminum DIY fence.

1. White is the ultimate neutral

They say black goes with everything, but as the ultimate neutral, the same can also be said of white. White pairs well with every other color. It can work beautifully with bold colors such as red, green, or blue and can create a striking contrast when set against black. It can also work with other neutrals such as cream and stone to create a stunning, sophisticated, and stylish neutral palette.

Industrial 2-Rail Flat Top - Style 10

2. White suits many different home styles

A white aluminum fence can adapt to lots of different home styles. Depending on the style of your home, a white aluminum fence can suit both an ultra-modern and a more traditional aesthetic.

3. It still symbolizes the American dream

The white picket fence is still an American icon, and a white aluminum DIY fence is a wonderful way to pay homage to it. In the 1950s, the white picket fence became the symbol of middle-class life, wealth, and prosperity. It was synonymous with the American dream and represented a safe, stable, and prosperous home life. While it may not hold quite the same power today, many still like to have a white fence as a nod to its iconic status in American social history.

4. It is a safe choice

As a neutral, white is fairly inoffensive and likely to appeal to larger numbers of people. This is particularly useful if you are likely to sell your home in the future. A white aluminum fence is a safe choice that will make your home easier to sell and is unlikely to make your home stand out too much from others in the neighborhood.

White Aluminum Driveway Gate - Style 2 with Designer Pressed Spears

5. White fencing is a fantastic way to show off your garden

Gardening enthusiasts may want to opt for a white aluminum fence because it provides a great backdrop for your gardening efforts. Lush green grass or foliage and beautiful bright flowers really pop against the neutral background of a white fence. It can elevate the look and impact of a well-manicured and maintained garden.

Many choose to avoid white fencing because they fear it will show dirt and wear more than other colors. With aluminum fencing, this is not a problem. Not only does aluminum resist the impact of moisture, but it is also treated with a special powder-coated paint to increase its durability. This coating prevents peeling, scratching, or scuffing and ensures your fence looks good for longer. 

Aluminum fencing is a low-maintenance option because it requires little more than a wash-down every so often. If your white fence is looking a little dirty, simply brush off excess debris or dirt, wash it with a hose, and scrub it with gentle dish soap and a cloth. 

Aluminum fencing comes in a wide array of colors, including black, bronze, and khaki, but don’t be too quick to dismiss the many benefits of white.