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The good news is that if you have made the wise decision to opt for aluminum fencing, you are likely to be immune to the problems of rust and rot that other fencing materials, such as iron and wood, may encounter. Aluminum is a non-ferrous metal, which means it does not contain an appreciable amount of iron. Therefore, aluminum fencing does not react to moisture in the same way that a ferrous metal does.

Aluminum fencing is a smart choice for getting you through the winter months, but there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your aluminum fencing stays looking good throughout this period and into spring. Here are five tips to help your aluminum fence hold up well in winter weather.

Looking after your fence in winter

1. The first tip is for those looking to install a new aluminum fence. While installing an aluminum fence is a fairly straightforward DIY job, it is one that is best avoided when temperatures fall below zero degrees. This is because cement is unlikely to harden and set correctly in these conditions, so your fence will not hold up well.

2. Always carry out regular inspections to make sure your fence has no small issues that could become bigger issues as winter progresses. Aluminum is very strong and durable and is treated with a special powder-coated layer to further increase its strength. It is unlikely to suffer any considerable damage. However, it is always worth checking post holes and concrete to ensure they are strong and secure.

3. Try to remove any low-hanging branches that may threaten to fall on your fencing and compromise it. This is a particular danger in the winter months when heavy snow can weigh down on branches and cause them to break.

4. Clear away any big snow or ice dams that may build up against your aluminum fencing. This could potentially cause damage to the panels, so removing them as soon as possible is always the best option. Be sure to regularly clear fallen leaves as these can retain moisture close to your fence.

5. Aluminum fences should be cleaned regularly to keep them looking their absolute best. The turning of the seasons is often a good time to do this. Cleaning up your fence before winter will mean it is ready for all those holiday visitors. It is often said that a black aluminum fence does not show dirt as much as other colors, but whatever you choose – whether it’s a black aluminum fence, white, khaki, or bronze – regular cleaning will keep it looking its best.

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Aluminum: the ideal fence material for all weather

Overall, an aluminum fence is a great investment for your home whatever the season. It is largely weather resistant, but just a little maintenance every so often, coupled with some care for the landscape surrounding it, should be enough for your aluminum fence to be a long-term feature in your garden. In fact, experts believe aluminum fences can last for as long as 50 years if looked after properly. Aluminum fencing is a sophisticated and stylish solution offering the same level of beauty as a wrought iron fence with much less maintenance.