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Interior designers know that circles can be used to create a graceful, welcoming, and positive feeling in a space. For centuries, circles and curves have been used to bring a softness and warmth to interiors, helping to make visitors feel welcome and creating a sense of harmony and togetherness. 

The use of curves in interior design has exploded in recent years, becoming a key trend that has been seen in furniture, wall art, and accessories. The good news is that you can take this trend for all things curved into your fencing, too. Not all fencing materials or fencing types are able to accommodate circles or rings in their design, but aluminum fencing can. 

Black Estate Gate with Rings / Circles

Reasons to add rings and circles to your fencing

There are many advantages to adding fence rings and circle designs to your aluminum fencing. 

• Individuality: Adding rings to your design will make it unique. Designing your own fence from aluminum is so much more than simply choosing a color and a finish. There are a host of design features that you can add, helping to give your home or business an individual style that makes it really stand out from the crowd. Designing a look that you love will really make the fence feel personalized to you.

• Elevates the look: Adding circles is a fantastic way to elevate the look of your fencing and take it from standard to super stylish. While circles are a current trend, the overall look is classic and timeless.

• Welcoming: Circles and curves are known for their welcoming effect, so adding some to your metal fencing panels can help to make visitors feel welcome. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and because the front of your home is usually the first thing people see, a warm welcome is a wonderful place to start.

• Zoning: You could also use rings and circles in the parts of your fencing where you want to create a zone. For example, you may add circles to small areas of the yard where you need to enclose an area for one reason or another, or you may want to add rings to your swimming pool fence to mark it out from the rest of your fencing. 

S9 with Rings and Flat Top Puppy Pickets plus Arched Gate

How can circles and rings be used in your aluminum fencing?

Rings can be used in all aspects of your aluminum fencing, no matter where it is located around your property. You can add fence rings to your metal fencing panels, gates, driveway gates, and swimming pool fencing. This means you can create a real theme with your fencing choices to give your home a harmonious and highly stylish overall look. 

Circles and rings are most often placed at the top of pickets alongside finials and spears but can also be placed in puppy pickets and gates. You might also want to add circular design elements to your aluminum arbors to help create a focal point.

Any circles used in your aluminum fencing design will be treated with the same special powder-coated paint used on the rest of it. This means these extra design details will still be as durable and hard-wearing as the rest of your metal fencing panels, requiring minimal maintenance. Experts believe aluminum fencing can last for as long as 30 to 50 years – and possibly more – so designing a look you love is important.