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Swimming pool fencing is an essential safety feature for anyone who has an outdoor pool, especially if there are young children or animals around. However, a swimming pool can often be considered the “jewel in the crown” of your outdoor area, so you want it to look good – fencing included. Take time to carefully plan your pool fencing, considering your budget, how you want it to look, and just how much pool fence DIY you are willing to take on. Here’s what to consider when it comes to making sure your pool fencing looks great.

Choose Aluminum

Fences around swimming pools need to be able to withstand moisture well. Aluminum is a perfect choice of material for this and one that will ensure your pool fencing looks good for years to come. As a non-ferrous metal, aluminum does not respond to moisture in the same way as other ferrous metals do. It does not rust or corrode in the same way as iron or steel, making it ideal for the job. 

It also requires little maintenance. This means your pool fence DIY tasks will be kept to a minimum, leaving you more time to enjoy your pool with family and friends. Experts believe aluminum products can last for as long as five decades – maybe even longer – so an investment in aluminum fencing now will quickly pay for itself.

Aluminum Pool Fence - Style 10 - 2 - Rail -Flat Top

To Blend In or Stand Out?

When choosing pool fencing, you need to decide whether to make it stand out or blend in. Some people may prefer to make their fencing as inconspicuous as possible, which may mean selecting the same style and color as any fencing that already exists around your yard or the perimeter of your property so the pool fence can blend in seamlessly. 

Your choice of color may also make it more inconspicuous. For example, if you have a very green landscaped garden, you may wish to choose a khaki-colored aluminum fence to help it blend in, while a bright white tiled swimming pool area may better suit a white aluminum pool fence.

The other alternative is to really make your pool fencing stand out. One of the great benefits of aluminum fencing is the vast array of design options available when planning your pool fence, which can also be installed yourself. Not only can you choose the color and style, but you can add decorative flourishes such as arches, circles, rings, puppy pickets, finials, and scrolls. This allows you to create the style of pool fencing you really want. After all, pool fencing does not have to be boring!

Dress Up The Area

You can make your pool fencing look great by taking some time and effort to consider the poolside area as a whole. If you want to create a fun party space, consider adding a tiki bar and some tiki-inspired decorations. If you would prefer to bring a more natural feel, choose an assortment of potted plants. Do your research and look for plants that are well suited to the poolside environment, such as olive trees, laurel bushes, and blue euphorbia, all of which do well in moist conditions but are also unlikely to clog your filters by dropping too many leaves or petals into the water. Be sure to keep poolside greenery at least six feet away from the water.