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Gate Designs

All gates are custom, made to order, by hand with stainless steel powder coated screws.  Then, framed and welded. Our aluminum is heavier than other brands for strength you can count on!

We carry matching walk gates and single swing gates for every aluminum fence panel style.

All aluminum gate widths include and accommodate the spacing for hinges and the lock. So, for example, a 7 foot wide driveway gate will fit a 7 foot wide opening. A 48 inch wide gate will fit within a 48 inch wide opening… from inside to inside of two gate posts. Spacing is subtracted at our factory for the hinges and lock.

Standard hinges are included with all aluminum gates up to 6 feet wide. These hinges allow the gate to only swing one way; you can decide which way they swing on-site during installation. Rust Free, Easy Installation, Lifetime Warranty.

All gates are custom, made to order, by hand with stainless steel powder coated screws. Then, framed and welded.

Playing Around With Design Customization

You can choose the style, color, design, customized inlays, and even what posts to attach your panels to. Much of the style comes down to the finishing touches of a metal fence. For example, at the top of each picket, you can choose special shapes to create the look you want. There are flat spears, multiple finial choices or just a basic plugged cap. If none of this tickles your fancy or if the fencing panels are to be used as a railing, you can always top the pickets with a horizontal bar for a different look. You can even put a horizontal bar across the top of a finial or spear for an added dimension.