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NOTE: never dig your post holes in advance of receiving your product(s).
NOTE: never use a rubber mallet or any tool when installing post caps. Only use your hands.

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We do not install fencing or gates. We are nationwide distributor of fencing gates. Our products are designed for do-it-yourself installation and you can save a lot of money by installing yourself. Additionally, our fence panels and be easily trimmed (the width) on-site. Aluminum Fencing is easy to install. Download our installation manual here:

Click to download installation manual

Magna Latch

Gate Stop




Post Charts


LokkLatch Deluxe


Helpful Tips

Installation tip when ordering in ground and welded plates posts.

Start your installation with welded plated posts, first, because there is no vertical adjustment with these posts. Once you’ve installed a panel or gate with the welded plated posts, you can then work off it with your other panels, posts and gates. Essentially, you’ll now have a template to work off of: i.e. you’ll be able to easily setup and install additional panels and gates at the same height.

Do not over-torque the screws

It’s a common for some 1st-time customers to over-torque the screws when installing your fence panels, posts and gates. Do not do this. If this does happen you can easily fix this by ordering larger screws and re-installing.

Fence Posts are not included with your fence panel purchase(s) and Gate Posts are not included with your gate purchase(s)

Posts sold separately here

Line Posts, Corner Posts, End Posts and T-Posts are pre-punched for fence panel connections. Insert, Set & Forget! Only line posts are pre-drilled for self-taping panel-to-post connection screws. All other posts are not pre-drilled because people typically like to have all of their screws on the same side. And, we don’t know what direction the corner posts, end posts and t-posts will be facing so we don’t know what side should be drilled. It is, however, easy to self-tap stainless steel screws through any post and into any of our fence panels. Insert, Set & Forget!

2021 Weep Hole Warning
2021 Weep Hole Warning
RAIL END mounts
RAIL END mounts

Small orders of 3 fence panels or less (6′ wide only, no rings) ship unassembled to obtain a much, much lower shipping fee. Easy on-site assembly.

Aluminum fence and gate installation is easy with GreatFence.com fencing because our products have been designed with home owners and business owners in mind. Spend no money on costly installation fees. Let GreatFence.com help you on your next DIY project. Browse through our aluminum fence and gate installation page to find instructions and other useful links that can help you set up our fencing products.

Do-it-Yourself Made Easy

We believe that pre- and post-installation are just as important as the installation process itself. We share information we think will be useful to your project. Read our installation manual to have an idea about the tools you’ll need for your project. From string or chalk line and stakes to bungee cords, we list everything you need to prepare. Our manual also includes measurements for residential, commercial, and industrial fencing products. Feel free to use them and identify the applicable distance for each product and accessory you install.

Detailed Product Description

Click any item from our aluminum fence and gate installation guide list for more information. We’ll either provide you with a PDF file or link you to the specific descriptions of our fencing products and accessories. As such, you can decide whether you’ve found the right piece for your property or not. If you ever come across a term you don’t understand, please visit our Glossary of Definitions page. We have included photos, so it’s easier to visualize what you’re looking for.

No need to hire someone if you can do the process yourself. Save money on installation by ordering from GreatFence.com. Call us at 845-443-7242 if you still can’t find what you’re looking for. Our customer support and corporate and sales team will be glad to help.

INSTALLATION TIP! Never use Foam instead of cement for in-ground post installation because there is no room for error. Once it sets (around 16 sec) you can’t change anything. The pitch is that is weighs 1 – 2 lbs per bag vs. 90 lbs. for concrete… plus you don’t use water with foam. The problem is that homeowners, do-it-yourselfers and even the pros want a little bit of time to make adjustments like raising or lowering the post. In just a few seconds, foam is set and if you’re post is even a little off, you’re screwed and you can’t re-use the post. Always, use cement for in-ground post installation.

Aluminum Post Installation options
Aluminum Post Installation options

NOTE: When Ordering Double Gates / Driveway Gates and/or Estate Gates, remember these gates ship in 2 halves. For example: If you order one – 6 foot wide Double Gate / Driveway Gate or Estate Gate, you will receive two – 3 foot wide pieces (minus deductions for hinge/lock spacing). If you order one – 10 foot wide Double Gate / Driveway Gate or Estate Gate Gate, you will receive two – 5 foot wide pieces (minus deductions for hinge/lock spacing). If you order one 14 foot wide Double Gate / Driveway Gate or Estate Gate, you will receive two – 7 foot wide pieces (minus deductions for hinge/lock spacing). And finally, if you order one – 20 foot wide Double Gate / Driveway Gate or Estate Gate, you will receive two – 10 foot wide pieces (minus deductions for hinges and gate lock).

Estate Gate - gate width illustration
Estate Gate – gate width illustration


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