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Custom Gate Widths – Learn More

GATE WIDTHS (UNLIKE HEIGHTS) ARE NOT ACTUAL. ALL GATE WIDTHS INCLUDE THE SPACING FOR THE HINGES AND THE LOCK. The space from inside to inside of two objects; typically 2 of our Gate Posts. OR… two existing structures (house, building, wall, column) or one of our posts and an existing structure. DLO = your gate width. i.e. gate widths are not actual. ALL gate widths including your optional custom gate width includes the spacing for the hinges and the lock. Different hinges are needed sometimes for different applications. It doesn’t matter. Our guys at the factory will deal with hinge and lock deductions based upon the hinge and the lock you have chosen. However, remember, DLO does not include the gate posts.

Bonus: You don’t have to worry about how much spacing is needed based upon the hinge options. We will do that and fabricate the gate and the hinge and lock spacing so that your gate will fit the GATE WIDTH measurement you give to us. All you have to do is provide us with the correct measurement. For example, let’s say you were going to install a single swing gate between two walls that measured 68 1/2 inches… wall to wall. And, you wanted to flush mount two – 2×2 Gate Posts (Blank) to each wall. Well, you would subtract 4 inches from 68 1/2 and that would leave you 64 1/2 inches as your GATE WIDTH. Next, (scroll down) shows you how to easily order and notate your custom width gate measurement.

Gate Widths are not actual. Gate widths include the spacing for the hinges and the lock and these dimensions are deducted at the factory when your gate is built, based upon the hinges and lock you choose. Gate widths never include spacing for Gate Posts. Opening Size = Gate Width.

How to Order:

Locate the gate you would like to order. Then, select the next gate width WIDER than your opening. i.e. select the next width that is higher than your, specific DLO opening width. In the text box below your selection simply write in your DLO measurement. i.e. your gate width. That’s it! It’s that simple! You’ll notice when reviewing your CART that your custom width measurement is now listed for your gate. You’ll also see your custom width gate measurements in the auto-generated fence receipt that is emailed to you within one minute of placing your order. So, you now have written confirmation of your special, custom gate width.