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Gate Widths are not actual. Gate widths include the spacing for the hinges and the lock and these dimensions are deducted at the factory when your gate is built, based upon the hinges and lock you choose. Gate widths never include spacing for Gate Posts. Bending aluminum is not an exact science; therefore, the height of the estate arch can vary. The Sunburst arch adds additional height (at the center of the gate) to the gate height you’ve chosen. All gates are hand built first, then welded, then powder coated, then inspected, and then packaged. Single Gates 8 feet wide and wider and double swing driveway gates / estate gates 16 feet wide and wider are wood crated.


Single – 6ft wide max
Double – 12ft wide max
Estate – 12ft wide max
Heights: 3 feet up to 6 feet


Single – 8ft wide max
Double – 16ft wide max
Estate – 16ft wide Max
Heights: 3 feet up to 6 feet


Single – 10ft wide max
Double – 20ft wide max
Estate – 20ft wide max
Heights: 4 feet up to 8 feet

It’s common to mix and match residential fencing with commercial and/or industrial gates. Especially if you have a wide driveway at your home.

Ships to your home or business anywhere in the USA.  20% more aluminum than other brands with 8 metal ribs inside every horizontal rail.  Gate widths are not actual; gate widths include the spacing for the hinges and lock.  Do-It-Yourself Installation.  No on-site welding required.  Never Repaint – We guarantee it!  You must have 2 gate posts for each gate.  Gate posts sold separately.  Hinges and lock are packaged separately.  * You choose the hinge post and gate-swing trajectory during installation.  Need a Custom Width Gate?