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Punched Posts have holes in the post based upon your fence panel’s style, height, options and number of horizontal rails so you can insert and set the fence panel’s horizontal rails into the post.

  • Gate Post Punched – punched on 1 side of the post
  • Line Post – punched on 2 opposite sides of the post
  • Corner Post – punched on 2 adjacent sides of the post
  • End Post – punched on 1 side of the post.
  • T Post – punched on 3 sides of the post

Blank Posts are simply 4-sided, square posts. These are used with mounts for angles, stairs and stair-stepping fence panels.
See: Straight Mounts, Horizontal Mounts and Vertical Mounts.
See: Angles
See: Hills & Slopes

Insert Set and Forget
Illustration showing how you SET the panel to post connection with stainless steel screws including in your order.