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Properties that aren’t used every day throughout the year have special requirements to ensure they stay in great condition season after season.

Having a second home used for leisurely vacations once or a few times a year is amazing, but it does come with extra responsibility. You have an extra property to keep safe, secure and in good condition without tending to it daily, weekly or even monthly. Depending on how many times you get to visit your vacation home, you may need to consider using the right materials on the property that need very minimal upkeep.

The perimeter of your property is the first point of access that outsiders have to your home. In addition to looking great, you will want to keep the security of your land intact for those weeks and months when you aren’t around. This begins with a well-built fence made of aluminum panel fencing. Ensuring intruders stay out while simultaneously staying strong in even the most extreme weather conditions is exactly what aluminum fencing is made to do.

Location Considerations

Aluminum panel fencing is so versatile because it works well in all climates and environments. Many vacation homes will be near the ocean or a pool. The powder coating on aluminum fencing will keep the salt, sea water and chlorinated pool water away from the metal to keep the fence going strong. Weather events like wind storms or even hurricanes can inflict some scary damage on homes. Aluminum fencing can withstand some intense weather, especially if it is commercial or industrial grade. If your vacation home is in the mountains and you are more worried about snow and freezing temperatures, fear not. Nothing extra needs to be done to the fence to keep it in good condition through even the coldest winters.

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Security Considerations

Safety and security are incredibly important for any property that may have a vacant building on it for an extended period of time. Aluminum fencing comes in many sizes and can help keep a property secure and private. The taller the fence, the better when it comes to security. Likewise, having less space between pickets is better. For those looking for even more privacy, there are privacy panels that can keep prying eyes away from what is behind the fence. Tall aluminum fences are incredibly difficult for intruders to get through or over, and the aluminum doesn’t rust, so there won’t be any weak spots around the perimeter of the property.

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Aesthetic Considerations

Location and security are important considerations, but you will also want to have an aesthetically pleasing property. Aluminum fencing has an elegant look that can be adorned and decorated as much or as little as you’d like. You can customize it in various ways with different styles and colors. Some people add aluminum arbors or handrails around decks to enhance the classic metal look. Customization can continue into driveway gates with specialized custom inlays to showcase the style of the homeowner.

If you’d like to have aluminum panel fencing at your vacation home, you can easily order it online and install it yourself. With minimal upkeep and a beautiful look, there is no reason not to turn to aluminum fencing to give you peace of mind for your dream vacation home.

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