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With so many different fencing options available today, you need a solid understanding of what works for your specific property type.

The great outdoors is a wonderful place for families to enjoy each other’s company, for sports teams to compete, and for pets and animals to wander around freely. All of these activities can happen on a multitude of properties. Commercial properties can have guests coming and going outside all day, enjoying some sunshine or even a pool. Industrial properties see a lot of foot and car traffic onto the large property, and residential properties often have back or front yards where neighbors and family members come together to celebrate life.

With people, children and pets spending time outdoors, how can everyone stay safe and secure while still enjoying their surroundings? The answer is simple: choose the right fencing type for the job. Parks, sports fields and recreation grounds need to use a strong, sturdy and reliable fencing material to ensure everything is taken care of.

Ready for Anything

Finding a residential, commercial or industrial fencing material that you can count on is easier than you think. Aluminum fencing is really ready for anything. Weather? The metal’s strength has you covered. Burglars? Fence design can handle that. Lots of sports-related use? Aluminum is built to last.

Some people choose aluminum fencing solely based on its looks. The design and décor options for aluminum fencing are plentiful, with an attractive and classic yet elegant look. For sports fields and recreation centers, the aesthetics might not be at the top of the list, but a welcoming appearance can help get people in the door.

Large Baseball Field Security Fence

Unique and Strong

Aluminum commercial and industrial fencing comes in panel form and is put together on the premises. If the land where the fence is being erected is unique in any way – with hilly parts or various ground material, for example – aluminum can handle the situation. Aluminum panels can be raked or installed in a certain way to go up hills or any slanted areas of the recreational property. Aluminum fencing panels can also go around oddly-shaped perimeters thanks to the panels being easily installed however you need.

Aluminum is made from a strong yet pliable material that is built to last. There are different grades depending on how thick you want the metal. For a park where many people may be coming and going and there is the potential for sporting equipment to engage with the fencing, using a stronger grade aluminum, such as commercial or industrial, is ideal.

Large Commercial Fence At Amusement Park

Doing It Yourself

Customization is essential when ordering aluminum fencing. You get to choose the size of the fence, how many panels you will need, how tall the pickets will be, and how much empty space will be between those pickets. Depending on how much of a sightline you want to the interior of the sports field or park, you may opt for less space between pickets for more privacy, or keep it standard so people passing by can see what’s going on.

Once you have chosen the size and style and ordered your fencing materials, it can be delivered right to the property so you can get started on what is a very achievable home improvement job. No matter the fence style or size you choose, your aluminum fence will last for years to come, giving plenty of use to anyone enjoying the premises.

Large Spear Top Industrial Fence