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The following is all you will need to figure out weights and measurements. This does not include packaging.

Here is a list of panels in grades just take the width x height and times it by the grades weight per square foot.

Example 48” Uaf 200 Residential – 6 ft wide panel – 4 x6= 24 Square feet x.65 = 15.6 lbs per panel times how many panels

For Gate weight add 30% to the panel Square footage weight for the weight of the gate.

Panel Weights per SF

Residential          .65lbs per SF

Commercial        .85lbs per SF

Industrial             1.15lbs per SF

Posts Weights per Lineal Foot

2” .060 – .             .6 lbs per lineal foot – Example – 2” .060 post -6ft height –6 x .60 = 3.6lbs

2” .80-                   .75lbs per lineal foot

2” .125-                 .85lbs per lineal foot

2.5” – .100-          1.2lbs per lineal foot

3”- .125-               1.75lbs per lineal foot

4”- .125 –              2.5lbs per lineal foot      

Pallet weight 75lbs

aluminum gate weight icon

To calculate, multiply gate width x gate height* x ______ lbs.

Add 1.25 lbs. per lineal foot if gate has a U-Frame.

NOTE: Optional items like rings, puppy pickets, finials…etc. would add more weight to the above estimates.

Calculating Arched Gates:

*For Single Gates and Double Driveway Gates + Sunburst Arch: Add 1 additional foot to the gate height calculation. For example, a Commercial 16′ wide x 5 foot high driveway gate with the sunburst arch added will calculate as: 16 x 6 x 2.5. NOTE: Sunburst arch height varies based upon the width of the gate and is not necessarily 1 foot in height.

*For Estate Gates: use the higher number (the second number) of your gate height. For, example, for an Industrial gate 12 feet wide x 6-to-7 feet high will calculate as 12 x 7 x 3.

aluminum fence postpackaging
aluminum fence panel packaging
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